Wockhardt Hospitals Successfully Performs Year 2009?s First Liver Transplant Case In The City Of Mumbai

In a life affirming incident that renews hope and faith among millions of patients requiring organ transplants, Wockhardt Hospitals Mulund successfully performed city?s first cadaver liver transplant for the year 2009. The surgery was performed by the team of experts at Wockhardt Hospitals led by Dr. S K Mathur, Senior Consultant Surgeon, HPB Surgery & Liver Transplantation, Wockhardt Hospitals.

Mumbai: Mr. Kathuria, 62-year old man who was suffering from advanced liver cirrhosis once again is brought back to life by a liver transplant from a 57-year old brain dead patient. This is a successfully completed cadaver liver transplant which has proved once again the phenomenal advancement in handling such delicate, complex procedures well within the critical window of opportunity permissible, the ?golden hour?.

Mr. Kathuria, the 62-year old recipient, who faced many a helpless near-miss situations while battling the disease in the past and even during the defining moment of the ?golden hour?, the transplant was truly a medical miracle aided by the multispecialty team of experts at Wockhardt Hospitals. Expert surgical and medical skills along with perfect co-ordination from everyone involved and ensured the miracle in Mr. Kathuria and after 20 days, he is all set to go home, breathing a fresh lease of life!

Mr. Kathuria and the expert team of doctors at Wockhardt Hospitals recall the poignant moments of his most challenging journey to recovery?

Mr. Kathuria was diagnosed to have been suffering from cryptogenic Cirrhosis of liver (cirrhosis due to unknown causes) in year 2006. In September 2008, he visited Wockhardt Hospitals with complaints of fatigue, weakness and abdominal distension. He was evaluated by a team of liver specialists and was found to have developed `decompensation? (complications) of his liver disease in the form of ascitis (fluid in the tummy), jaundice and coagulopathy (thinning of blood and bleeding tendencies).

The opinion at that time was that with the existing supportive medical management, Mr. Kathuria would not be able to live for more than one year. He was therefore advised Liver Transplantation as a definitive therapy. After thorough evaluation of his condition by a team consisting of a cardiologist, chest physician, nephrologist and anesthetist, Mr. Kathuria was found fit to undergo the critical Liver Transplantation surgery. He was then listed for Cadaver Liver Transplantation at Wockhardt Hospitals.

Just as he was hoping to find a suitable liver donor, Mr. Kathuria?s clinical condition started deteriorating, due to development of recurrent SBP (infections in fluid in the tummy) and by end of December 2008, it was apparent that Mr. Kathuria may not survive long without an early Liver Transplantation.

In the first week of January 2009, a cadaver liver donor became available at Wockhardt Hospitals however Mr. Kathuria developed fever on that day, hence could not be transplanted. Amidst emotionally charged decisions, the desperate wait for transplant continued to wreck Kathuria and his dear ones.

Finally, on January 26, 2009, relatives of a 57-year old brain dead patient who was admitted at Wockhardt Hospitals? ICU with Intracranial bleed, when counseled by the hospital social workers, agreed to donate the patient?s kidneys and liver for transplantation. Mr. Kathuria was contacted and by 8pm he was admitted. A quick final check up was done on his heart and blood investigations.

The donor was taken in to the operation theatre at around 12 midnight for harvesting (surgical removal of cadaver organs) of liver and kidneys. A team of surgeons led by Dr M Goel, Liver Transplant Surgeon, Wockhardt Hospitals removed the donor?s liver along with its vascular padicles and bile duct, cooled and flushed with special cold preserving solution. The liver was packed in a plastic bag containing preserving solution and kept in a large Ice box to maintain a low temperature.

Addressing the press Dr. S K Mathur, Senior Consultant Surgeon, HPB Surgery & Liver Transplantation, Wockhardt Hospitals said, ?The liver was in good condition and the transplant team was happy that Mr. Kathuria was to get a very good liver. However, Mr. Kathuria had a near miss situation yet again when he suddenly developed an allergic reaction. Mr. Kathuria?s family and the entire transplant team at Wockhardt Hospitals went through anxious moments wondering whether Liver transplantation would have to be suspended for Mr. Kathuria. Fortunately, the allergic reactions got controlled with medications. However, the surgery which was to start at 2 am got delayed till 4am.?

Mr. Kathuria was taken in to the operation theatre and a team of anesthetists led by Dr. Sangeeta Shetty and Dr. Anjali anaesthetized him and put several tubes in to his veins in the neck and hands (used for giving multiple drugs and transfusion of blood and other fluids) and connected them to multiple monitors to continuously monitor his heart and respiration and Blood pressure.

At around 5.45 a.m. on January 27, a team of surgeons led by Dr S.K Mathur, Senior Consultant Surgeon, HPB Surgery & Liver Transplantation, Wockhardt Hospitals and Dr. Abha Nagral, Hepatologist, Wockhardt Hospitals commenced the surgery on Mr. Kathuria. The first part of the surgery was to remove the damaged (cirrhotic) liver of Mr. Kathuria which was quite a technical challenge as the liver was completely surrounding the IVC (large Vein which caries the blood from lower half of the body to the heart and damage to it could have resulted in major bleeding with risk to the patient).The second part was transplanting the new liver and restoring blood flow to it and joining the bile duct for bile flow.

The entire operation lasted for about 12 hours after which the patient was shifted to the hospital?s Liver Transplant ICU for close monitoring. The next morning, the patient was taken off the ventilator. As the new liver started functioning well, Mr. Kathuria made rapid recovery and started taking liquids on the second day and was put on soft diet on the third day. He even started walking around within the ICU. Six days after the surgery, Mr. Kathuria was shifted out of the ICU. By day 10, Mr. Kathuria even started his office work from his hospital bed.

A smiling, visibly elated Kathuria said, ?I want to spread the message that just as one donates eyes and kidneys, one must also donate a liver to give new life to someone else. I consider my donor as an angel, since I got a new lease of life thanks to the liver transplant. I?m grateful to Dr S. K. Mathur and his entire medical team at Wockhardt Hospitals who helped me to achieve this result. And in all this, I?d specially like to thank my wife Geeta , who supported me all the way. She proves the proverb that behind every man there is a strong woman.?


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