Happy Tube s.r.o. At 3GSM! Emotions, Meetings And Results

The 3GSM Congress that was held in Barcelona in 12th - 15th February 2007 was the first one for a Czech-Ukrainian company Happy Tube s.r.o. Was this experience successful? We will try to find out!

3GSM Congress is over. The week of excitement, meetings, communications, gladness, good weather is over. All you have is your memories, cards in your bag and photos on CDs.

The next weeks will be spent in sorting everything out, in summing everything up and in trying not to forget anything! This 3GSM Congress that was held in Barcelona during 12th - 15th February 2007 was the first one for a Czech-Ukrainian company Happy Tube s.r.o. Was this experience successful? We will try to find out!

Yevgen Vaschenko, CEO and Tori Nosko, Sales and Marketing Coordinator were representing Happy Tube s.r.o. at 3GSM and now they will try to answer my questions and shed the light onto what was happening there at 3GSM.

So, guys, the first question.
1. ?How did you like the 3GSM Congress in general, the atmosphere, people, organization? Was it really as cool as it seemed??

T.N.: First of all I would like to thank Josh Dhaliwal from w2forum who kindly invited us and arranged the opportunity of our visit to 3GSM. Happy Tube was glad to meet the existing partners to discuss current projects as well as to get acquainted with potential clients. Atmosphere was friendly: Yahoo gave ice-cream for free, 3GSM provided coffee, all exhibitors were very creative and prepared small gifts like hats, bags, tee-shirts and pens. A ?singing? fountain, one of Barcelona?s sights, was creating the delightful mood for all 3GSM visitors every evening near the hall 7.

Y.V: Certainly! It was over 50000 participants from every field of mobile business, there were CEOs, managers, assistants. And we had enough time to sit down and talk about business. As for the organization ? it was very good. But I could mention some advantages like a lot of coffee shops, and disadvantages like lack of free internet access. But in general everything was done on a very high level!

2. ?What did you like the most there? And what not??

Y.V.: It was cool to see almost all the people you need in the same place. It was good to make quick decisions and quickly reach out for your customers. But sometimes it was confusing to find the way through the halls, to find the necessary booth. But we managed it! Also, being in Barcelona was very good! It is a very beautiful city!

T.N.: Being at 3GSM was a difficult work, but at the same time you always have an opportunity to have a walk along the sea and have a rest. And every day our team received invitations to night parties from MTV, Jamba and other companies. It was great!

T.N.: The organization of the event was on the highest level. The organizers arranged 3GSM Conference in one of the most beautiful places of the city ? Place de Espanya.

3. ?What amazed you there? What was new and unexpected??

T.N.: All newest releases and interesting speeches that were presented on 3GSM we could see on the Demonstration Stage on-line in the open air. Amazing!

Y.V.: Size of the conference. Several new things like WM 2006 and windows vista were presented there.

So, let?s return to business matters.

4. ?What were the main topics of the discussion at 3GSM? What questions were on the top??

T.N.: There were 8 halls and each was devoted to a specified topic. For Happy Tube hall 7 ?Mobile Entertainment and Content Zone? was of the biggest interest as we are the leading Czech-Ukrainian content aggregator and supplier locally.

We spent 4 fruitful days with our partners from all over the world. We were discussing content publishing with biggest b2c channels in Norway, France, UK as well as the aggregation questions of just-released games and graphics from developers. We presented our latest portfolio with music hits and agreed with some companies to work for them as a music development studio.

T.N.: We had many meetings with developers and mobile marketing agencies to whom we showed Happy Tube?s Outsourcing presentation with bright samples of our past and current projects for different brands. The second parties found the possibility working with talented and hard working Happy Tube team interesting because of the services? quality, big variety of porting platforms and handsets and moderate m/h rate.

5. ?Have you met your existing clients there? How it was seeing the people whom you used to know only by e-mails face to face??

Y.V.: Yes, many our existing clients went there, although not all. And in general, if you shake hands, there are much more chances to make business in the future.

6. ?Have you found new potential clients there??
T.N.: Although I had many appointments during Conference, I was glad to visit booths of Happy Tube?s potential customers. They were Echovox, ACL Wireless, Scalado, InMobia and many others. In general, every day brought me about 10-15 meetings during which I could tell about our company?s achievements in outsourcing projects on mobile platforms Java, Symbian, Brew and Windows Mobile. I had an opportunity to discuss our business model and moderate development rate, show a presentation with examples of our quotes and play the samples of ringing tones our musicians have created.

No wonder, European clients, who have heard a lot about Ukrainian developers, decided to try Happy Tube team as a CIS partner for their projects.

7. ?And the last question and maybe the most important one ? Was the experience of visiting 3GSM successful for Happy Tube??

Y.V.: We have met a lot of our existing and potential clients there at 3GSM and for sure it was good. But talking about results it is too early ? only time can show whether this 3GSM Congress was successful for Happy Tube or not.

T.N.: Definitely, the time we spent on 3GSM Conference was very important for us; we could learn about new mobile trends, define our priorities for this year and get in touch with leading Content Publishers such as Jamba for example. Also during the Conference we received several big orders for polyphonic Ringtones and Realtones development.

The specialists appreciated the quality of our music and I could say that in the nearest future our musicians will create unique music for several branded titles. The Conference brought about 50,000 people from all over the world, so we learnt more about the latest achievements in the mobile business. And we hope that this Conference improved our relations with existing and potential clients!

Thank you guys for your interesting and informative answers!

And returning to my previous article ?3GSM, The importance of being brave!? I can say for sure ? that Happy Tube proved that statement and their first experience at 3GSM Congress was very successful and full of new opportunities! So, do not be scared to be brave!


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by Alina Fedorova (few years ago!)

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