United States Having Gone From The Richest Country In The World To The Biggest Debtor Nation In History Predictions From Titans Of The Investment And Real State Industry Come True

Not only is the consumer in debt, so is the U.S. government. Today, the world is spinning from the fall out of the sub-prime credit mess.

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Not only is the consumer in debt, so is the U.S. government. Today, the world is spinning from the fall out of the sub-prime credit mess.

In the first edition of their book ?Why we want you to be reach? (published in 2006) Donald Trump and Robert kiyosaki predicted a economic chaos in North America based on the fall of the U.S. dollar, out of control credit rates, and the unstoppable constant raise of the oil prices. Causing this a rain of all sources of different critics and opinions including Wall Street Journal columnist Jonathan Clements: Their Book is Hot But Their Financial Tips Aren?t. Regarding the portion of the 401 (k) s and mutual funds challenged their position that mutual funds companies take the 80% of the profits, leaving investors with only 20%.

One year later, (December 2007) these titans of the investment and real state industry released a second edition.

Fall of the U.S. dollar
Hyperinflation devalues money. In 1971, President Nixon took us off the gold standard and the dollar was converted from real money to currency to much of our gold was leaving the country. Today, the U.S. dollar is falling and savers find their savings wiped out with very little or nothing left for retirement.

The U.S. trade deficit for 2006 is forecast to be $423 billion. This means that we as a nation will consume $ 423 billion more than we produce.

According to the treasury Department, 42 presidents, from Washington (1789) to Clinton (2000), the U.S. borrowed a combined total of $ 1.01 trillion from foreign governments and financial institutions. Between 2000 and 2005, the Bush White House borrowed a total of $ 1.05 ? more than all the previous administrations combined and keeps on counting. Today, our trade deficit is higher than ever before and our IOU to the world is massive.

Out of control credit rates
Since 1974 when the global markets start to change and the U.S. companies stopped using the Defined benefit pension plan (DB), and changed it in to Define Contribution (DC) plans which later became known in the United States as 401 (K), IRA and Keogh plans.

Financial institutions start to change in to a wide variety of different plans of investments, savings, loans, including lines of credit with high interest rates which permitted the Baby Boomers to live the American dream. If the baby-boom generation doesn?t do a good job cleaning up there mess, there will be an even bigger mess for generation X and generation Y, of financial problems to handle.

The Facts
-The country has been mismanaged
-Many of today?s financial problems exist because we did not fix them when they first arose.
-The present interest rates plans are taking the country to bankrupts
The Problem
-Baby-Boomers still believe that a 401 K plan is going to save them for life:
TIME MAGAZINE, October 31, 2005:
?The Great Retirement Rip-off
Millions of Americans who think they will retire with benefits are for a NASTY SURPRISE. How corporations are picking people?s pockets with the help of congress?.
-Lack of Financial Education
-We as a nation cannot solve a large financial crisis with the same old thinking.
The Answer
-The best way to solve the problem of bad financial results is to change our thoughts. It does not matter who you are.
-Financial Education, we need to train more people to be entrepreneurs regardless of their back ground or believes who create jobs and to be investors.
- A proven wealth acceleration program from a multimillion int. Company

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