The Guide to Take down WOW Flummox & Level up by Legion Pet Battles to enjoy the wow

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As we all know that some WOW player reached the level cap with only his battle pets. WOW flummox as a super epic grand master pet tamer is hard to be taken down. Here is a useful guide on how to beat WOW Flummox. Before that, you had better buy wow gold safely to stock up. you can buy the cheap and safe wow gold from Safewow to enjoy the game.

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WOW player reached the cap with just Legion pet battles

A wow player, Kruithe, presented his achievement on Reddit on May 25. He grinded up levels thanks to 827 battle pets and reached level 110. Out of all of these, 96% of the pets reached level 25. It is said that the stretch from level 100 to 110 took “4 days, 21 hours, 7 minutes, 3 seconds”.
In World of Warcraft, there are only 12 total, allowing you to skip some. If a rare pet trainer is up, you can run him on multiple toons. Here we take wow flummox for example.

How to beat WOW flummox down?

Flummox is a super epic grand master pet tamer. As he is a humanoid, he can heal up every turn. Besides, he is a boss, so he takes 2% less damage, and he deals a ton of damage. Thus, players have to get damage buff at first.
To fight against Nether Faerie Dragon, in the first turn you can use Cyclone which can deal 7 flying damage to your team each round. In the second turn, you are suggested to use Life Exchange. In the last, you can use Arcane Blast until your Nether Faerie Dragon dies.
To fight against Emmigosa, at first you can use Wild Magic to cast up to 5 damage to every attack against the target. Second, use Ice Tomb to deal 30 Elemental damage. Last, Claw until Emmigosa dies.
When you are brought in Chrominius, you can use Bite, Howl, and Surge of Power one after one.
Honestly, this is a very tough fight and is highly luck based. Would you like to level up like that, without killing anything and reaching the level cap? Hopefully this guide is helpful for you to take down WOW flummox.never forget to join Safewow to get cheap wow gold.

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