The safety razor (also known as “double edge razor”) was a staple of shaving for decades until plastic cartridge blades became popular in the 1970s.

The safety razor (also known as “double edge razor”) was a staple of shaving for decades until plastic cartridge blades became popular in the 1970s. Safety razors are easy to use and Evolution Island offers the best quality you can find, and the advantages of using a safety razor as oppose to as plastic disposable razor are many.

The double edge razor delivers a closer shave when compared to the multiple blade cartridge systems of today. This is because the blade can get closer to the skin, particularly in the crevices of the neck and under the nose which is difficult for cartridge razors to reach. This means a tighter, closer shave that feels better after you are through.

Another advantage of the safety razor is that there is less irritation thanks to the very sharp blade and close shave it provides. Cartridge razors tend to clog up with hair follicles, dirt and debris which make them the perfect environment for bacteria. Evolution Island safety razors however can be easily cleaned and are far less likely to hold bacteria on the surface. This means less irritation and chance for infection during the shaving process.

In particular the double edge razor is perfect for trimming sideburns and creating straight lines that really brings out your best appearance. Evolution Island safety razors are easy to handle which makes it the perfect tool to create the exact look that you want. For many, the safety razor is a must when creating the lines from sideburns and beards needed for that desired look.

Cleaning and taking care of your safety razor is very simple and quick to do. A few seconds to wash off the blade before and after each shave is all you really need to do. Compare that to keeping clean blades in a plastic cartridge where dirt, debris, and hair follicles can easily get trapped. While it may seem that you can shave faster with a plastic cartridge blade set, the truth is that when you include maintenance a simple double edge razor is practically as quick.

One of the great advantages of the safety razor is its affordability compared to the cartridge systems that are popular today. A typical package of 100 blades for your safety razors costs less than $15 which means that you are spending about 15 cents per blade. Since each blade can deliver close to a week’s worth of shaves, that means you are spending $15 for nearly two years worth of shaving. Even if you cut that number in half, that’s still $15 for one year which is a fraction compared to plastic cartridge razors.

Evolution Island’s razors have a price range between 35$ and 40$ and can be purchased on their site:


They also offer the option to purchase Safety Razors as part of a complete Shaving Set, a great gift idea:


You will need to learn how to use a safety razor correctly as it is a little different than a plastic cartridge razor. However, it does not take long to master the skills needed and soon you will be shaving like a pro. A double edge razor should be part of your shaving kit and it makes the perfect gift for the man who wants the perfect shave.

For more visit Evolution Island’s website: https://www.evolutionisland.com/

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