Oxygen Barrier Property Test Method of PET Bottles for Alcoholic Drinks

This article provides a test method of oxygen barrier property of PET bottle for your reference,

The alcoholic drinks such as liquor, beer, rice wine and medicinal liquor are liable to volatilize and sensitive to oxygen. Therefore, the packaging material used for alcoholic drinks usually should have sufficient oxygen barrier property. Otherwise, the alcoholic drinks may get deteriorated or become unpleasant in taste within shelf life.
In the history, many materials are used in the package for alcoholic drinks, e.g. bronze ware, wood, ceramic, pottery, glass and metals. In recent years, PET bottles are introduced and widely used as packaging for alcoholic drinks. PET bottle is more reliable in transportation and the cost is relatively low, for which it has become popular in the market. The oxygen barrier property is the main factor that decides whether the PET bottle can be used to replace the glass bottle and metal bottle. It is necessary to test the oxygen barrier property of PET bottle before use it to pack alcoholic drinks.
This article provides a test method of oxygen barrier property of PET bottle for your reference, which may be helpful to those manufacturers of alcoholic drinks when they select packaging materials or testing instrument. We tested some PET bottle samples with Labthink’s OX2/230 Oxygen Transmission Rate Test System.

Figure 1. PET Bottles for Alcoholic Drinks
This instrument uses a coulometric detector to determine the oxygen transmission rate. The specimen is mounted as a sealed semi-barrier between two chambers at ambient atmospheric pressure. One chamber is slowly purged by a stream of nitrogen at a given temperature and relative humidity and the other chamber is purged by a stream of oxygen at the same temperature as the nitrogen stream but may have a different relative humidity than the nitrogen stream. In this case the environment would more closely simulate actual shelf conditions. As oxygen gas permeates through the film into the nitrogen carrier gas, it is transported to the coulometric detector where it produces an electrical current, the magnitude of which is proportional to the amount of oxygen flowing into the detector per unit time. Note: For the package specimens, nitrogen flows inside the package while oxygen flow outside the package.

Figure 2. Labthink’s OX2/230 Oxygen Transmission Rate Test System
The tests can be performed according to the following procedures.
(1) Apply some Aradite Rapid Transparent Adhesive on the mouth of PET bottle. and then fix the bottle on the sample support which is specialized for package test. Then connect the prepared bottle to the instrument with pipes and use a sealing bag to cover the bottle tightly.
(2) Set specimen name, test temperature, test humidity and other parameters.
(3) Click Start Test to start the test.
(4) Turn on the gas supply and adjust humidity and carrier gas flow.
(5) When the tests are finished, the instrument will display the test results automatically.
With the test results obtained in the tests, the alcoholic drinks manufacturer can easily determine whether those PET bottles they use for their products meet the requirements for oxygen barrier property.
For more details about OX2/230 Oxygen Transmission Rate Test System, please visit www.labthink.com
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