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7-Basics-for-Project-Mngmt 7 Basics Every Client Must Do For Project Management

Project management is an evolving discipline in today’s era penetrating its impact in all kinds of projects. It is seen as an essential part to make or break any project and has both time and monitory importance for any corporate. However, building industry cultures vary across geographies and therefore the scope of this discipline also stands adaptable, also partially because of the kind and scale of the project.
However complex the project is, basics of project management that every client must set up are really simple.

Define clear roles.
Making it clear who is responsible for which activities is essential from the start. Often there are multiple stakeholders in a project with their specific set of requirements and dependencies. It is important to crystallise these requirements, make a dependency plan and also define the role so that all roles get their justified place.

Comprehensive and frozen drawing documentation
Mid-project changes are the easiest way to loose track of a project. It is better to wait and freeze all the drawings rather than go by the fly. Change of drawings or incomplete planning leads to dependencies and cost escalation.

Fixed contracts based on drawing
Contracts based on drawings are more likely to lead to in budget project rather than having billed them separately. Often it is seen that fixed contracts are discouraged due to thw prevailing practice of mid-project changes. Some accommodation is necessary, though such a practice should be discouraged.

Cash flow planning
Frozen drawings and frozen contract lead to better cash flow planning opportunity. Billing gets simplified and processing time to scrutinising is saved thereby speeding up the project. Steady cash flow increases timely procurements and most of all increases clients reputation.

Weekly scheduled meetings
A prescheduled meeting leads to better coordination at site. Designers and vendors can block this date and slots may be worked out for each vendor. Making the most out of these meetings is important. A premade checklist from all vendors must be asked for before meeting and the intention should be to either solve the points, or schedule the point in future.

Clear action points list + Dependency log
Listing is the key. All meeting should succeed with clear action points with a follow up mechanism to the right stake holder. Missing followup leads to loose ends on site that are later revealed.
Another aspect is adding a dependency log to the list. This helps iron out any aspect with high lead so that it is solved when critical time come.

Data management
Though we discourage too frequent mails or changes, yet information in form of pictures, mails, etc can create huge data set easy to miss. A simple solution can be to use dedicated e-mail id towards the project to collate all the information.
During the design phase, it is important to collect this data into pointers that can be checked/re checked during various stages of design. Construction phase requires both pointers planning and drawing planning. Drawings must be set up with an update mechanism so that changes are transpired down to all the contractors.

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