Blessing of Muslim Astrology

Muslim astrology will help people for resolving their issues and help them for remain trust on Allah. Our best muslim astrologers explain positive things about muslim astrology with science.

Since the origin of the fashionable age, science and technologies had developed and innovated a lot of things to alter our living standards because it has continually impressed our lives. From education to luxuries, science has contended the many roles in raising our lives. Whereas, science had contended an important role in dynamic our views, thoughts and lives, Islam has additionally contend its half. Today, several scientists and astrologers area unit of read that whatever was been same, instructed and told regarding centuries past by the Muslim's Prophets Area unit currently showing their presence through the large footage in our new innovations.

Science has impressed our lives through the means that of Education. It’s the knowledge of putting one's potentials to maximum use. Islam has also paid the importance in acquiring and spreading the education. Seeking and delivering education through any means of resource's are emphasized both in Islamic and Scientific world. It is said that Education makes man a right thinker and also enable's man to receive information from the external world. Both of the quality significance has been taught and emphasized in Islam and Science as well.

Faith and believe on death after being birth into this materialistic world, exists in both Islam and Science. In both of the scenarios it is greatly emphasized that everyone has to leave this materialistic place. No one can ever claim to be existed forever. In medical science, death is the permanent and irreversible cessation of all vital functions. Islam defines death as a mandatory transitional event in between the 'life before death' and 'life after death'. So if we integrate the scientific aspect with the description, the definition of death for a Muslim would be the absolute disappearance of the functions for the time period in between the two lives.

Science has created new innovations and has exceptionally changed our lives to a great extend. Science can provide evidence that will often provide satisfactory explanations for something's, but science can't disprove the existence of God/Allah or any other invisible force that makes plants, animals and children grow. They also now believe that everything in this world that a man has created is the innovation of its kind and can be seen and felt. But what about those things that men has not created or has no involvement whatsoever in those creation which do exist in this world, that will solely be seen or felt however cannot be certain as of World Health Organization is the creator of those things like spinning of the world, gravity, physics, science and social science, generation of latest plantation, birth method of the new beings star systems and far a lot of. Some best Muslim astrologers are skilled with Islamic powers and blessings.This area unit the facts of thought that demands the Non-Muslims or the person to think this issue. This evokes their thoughts to believe the existence of God/Allah.

If the Islam's Empiricism would have unsuccessful, Science would have undoubtedly and completely blocked its Ears. This can be one among the truths, that currently has been accepted by each mode or any grounds of the practices because it is that the divine and supreme truthful-authority.

There are a unit many Social-Scientific topics like human rights, equality, justice; rights of the ladies, educations area unit a number of the discussable topics that area unit utterly relevant and identical within the practices and teachings of Islam. Whatever was been told by Prophet Astrologers or has been unconcealed by God Almighty within the type of Qur’an area unit currently been practiced within the today's world each either by Muslims or Non-Muslims.
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by Maulana Sultan Mirza (few months ago!)

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