5 Mistakes that You Need to Avoid on Your Round The World Trip

A Round the World trip is a mixed bag of experiences. There are some things you do right and there would be some things that you just could never figure out and always did wrong. Making mistakes is a part of life and the same goes for your journey around the world. It is completely normal and quite common to make a few mistakes during the course of your trip.

A Round the World trip is a mixed bag of experiences. There are some things you do right and there would be some things that you just could never figure out and always did wrong. Making mistakes is a part of life and the same goes for your journey around the world. It is completely normal and quite common to make a few mistakes during the course of your trip. Here is a list of the common gaffes that anybody can commit but can be easily avoided with just the right amount of planning and following some words of wisdom.

Missing your flight

This mistake has to be at the top of the list for posterity’s sake. This is the most obvious thing to do on this planet but it has happened so often to a lot of us. They say, common sense is the most uncommon thing and it perfectly fits in this scenario. Here is a checklist of the things that you definitely need to do to keep this mistake off your list.

? Flight times and dates – Don’t take this for granted – check your flight details as many times you have to. Check your tickets regularly. Double check the date and time. You don’t want to be grounded for the confusion of AM and PM or even different time zones. Confirm your dates and timings with your RTW agent. Confirm from the airline as well. No harm will be done.

? Plan in advance for going to the airport – Just take into the account the airport from which you are flying from. The location, the distance, the traffic jams, accessibility, time it takes to reach the airport and the availability of a taxi, bus or a train. Nick of time decisions should be shunted out. Plan well in advance for your journey to the airport. Reach well in time to the airport and you are good to go.

Having great expectations

It is perfectly normal for anyone going around the world to have great expectations from their journey. Not only from the journey, but themselves, the people they might come across, the situations, the places and quite a few other things. Taking up challenges and raising the bar on every possible occasion is an eye opener but it is important to realize your limitations and to work yourself accordingly.

Once you are on the road, it is best to be realistic and to just go with the flow of it. Just to fulfill your expectations from the itinerary, there is no point rushing into it and ticking all the boxes of the list of places. Be realistic and accept yourself for what you are and your trip would be worthwhile.

Ignoring local scenarios

The world is a diverse and complex mix of people, cultures, traditions, perspectives and outlook. The key is to blend and adapt yourself to the surroundings around you. Local scenarios and considerations affects your safety and security and it pays to be attentive to the small details of the place you are at. Paying attention to local advice and warnings doesn’t cost a dime but ignoring it would definitely cost you both time and money. Nothing is more important than your safety while you are on the road.
So if you come across a warning sign that says don’t go beyond, then it should stay that way. You don’t want to be stuck somewhere, waiting to be bailed out just because you wanted to be adventurous and ignored a local’s advice of not taking that fascinating yet deserted road.


The best way to avoid the mistake of loading your bags is to have a checklist of the most essential items for starters. Go conventional and write down what you need most. The size of your backpack also plays a very crucial role, so go for the right one. For your round the world trip, you might have to carry stuff for almost all weather, seasons and terrains. It all boils down to priorities and the stuff that you need to essentially pack before you start the trip.

You always have the option of buying as you go depending on your needs. So leave the non-essential ones out. Remember that you would have to carry your bags on practically every mode of transport – buses, trains, ferries, carts and what not. So lifting those heavy and overloaded bags can definitely be a nightmare. But with some careful thinking, this can be easily avoided.

Your travelling partner

The choice of your travelling partner is very crucial. You don’t want your trip to be a nightmare of an experience just because you were travelling with the person who was just not meant to be on the trip with you. It is all the more important because most likely, your partner would be along with you for 24 hours a day, for months. So, it is important to ask yourself some questions before you decide to take the plunge with your travelling companion. There are some things which you have to be sure about.

Your compatibility on the road, the ways in which you react and adjust to situations, your perspectives, your styles of travelling and there are quite a lot of things to ponder about. For you, this might be the trip of your dreams, but for the other, it may be a run-of-the-mill trip. It is advisable to take a step back in such a situation and think realistically about your travelling partner. Better still, it can be a nice idea if you take a short trip to know each other before you set out for long term travel.

Some common and basic planning would help to keep you out of trouble. However, even if you find yourself in a precarious situation, there is nothing to worry about. Sometimes the most intriguing and interesting of the travel stories are the ones which arise out of adversities and in troublesome situations. So enjoy this life changing experience and take each moment as it comes.

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