Aluminium Glass Railing is a Great Solution for Your Balcony or Internal Space

Aluminium Glass Railings contain a glass balustrade and an Aluminium railing.

Glass is a popular design element. Interior decorators use it often to add class and elegance and allow in natural light. Builders are using glass more and more for both commercial and residential construction, be it in a bathroom, kitchen, pool area, or stairway.

Aluminium Glass Railings

Aluminium Glass Railings contain a glass balustrade and an Aluminium railing. A balustrade is the piece that attaches to the railing. So, simply put, an Aluminium Glass Railing is an Aluminium railing that is attached to a glass block.

Aluminium Glass Railing on Balconies

Australia’s nature-loving community and home renovators often use Aluminium Glass Railings to enclose their balconies. Besides adding beauty, there are other reasons they are beneficial. They provide:

• heat insulation
• sound reduction
• barriers to wind, rain, and other elements

Additional benefits include:

Unobstructed View

Unlike a standard railing that usually has some kind of slat or bar, an Aluminium Glass Railing will not block a view in any way. Better views additionally increase property values.


Aluminium Glass Railings are designed to last and endure even the harshest Australian weather. If you care for it properly, it should last as long as you do.

Easy Care

The glass is less susceptible to dust. Proper care is simple: a soft sponge, a squeegee, and water or glass cleaner. You can even vacuum them if you’d like.

They’re Essentially Kids–Proof

Basically, no matter what children do to the glass, it can be cleaned off.

Corrosion Resistant

The Aluminium is resistant to weather’s destruction and it will look new for many years.

Space Enlargement

Aluminium Pool Railings will make your property look larger.


The glass balustrade is unbreakable, so it can endure immense pressure. It will not allow anyone to fall down the balcony. And, children cannot get caught in any spaces between rails.

Environmentally Conscious

Glass is an environmentally friendly choice.


Stackable Aluminium Seating usually cost less than other railings.

Aluminium Glass Railings Inside Properties

Australia’s commercial and residential markets and are also increasingly using Aluminium Glass Railings for numerous projects inside new construction projects and makeovers. It provides a clean, contemporary, sophisticated appearance wherever it is installed. They can be used as or to enclose:

• staircases
• guardrails
• bridge railings
• edges
• lofts

Benefits of Using Aluminium Glass Railings Inside Properties

As well as providing the same benefits referenced under using Aluminium Glass Railings on balconies, they also offer the following benefits when used inside a property:


You can customize the glass balustrade and select from a variety of shapes, colors, and designs, for which the Aluminium railing can accommodate. The Aluminium Glass Railing won’t chip or deteriorate.


The unbreakable glass balustrade provides the most safety and will not let anyone fall through stairwells or down edges.

If you’re looking for a dependable barrier for your balcony, stairway, or loft or inside your commercial property and you want it to be modern and sophisticated, Aluminium Glass Railings are for you.

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