5 Dumbbell Only Exercises for a Complete Shoulder Workout

Wide shoulders add a lot of appeal to any man’s appearance, and even women. It indicates strength and will help you project confidence. But many people have a tough time developing their deltoids.

Wide shoulders add a lot of appeal to any man’s appearance, and even women. It indicates strength and will help you project confidence. But many people have a tough time developing their deltoids.

There can be many reasons why that is so. But the major ones are inadequate knowledge of the anatomy of this particular muscle group, not lifting heavy and doing the wrong exercises or with a bad form.

You can get in great shape and you don’t even need to hit the gym. All you’d need are a set of dumbbell rods, some attachable heavy weights, boat-load of determination and importantly - great music. Who works out without music?!

In this article we will list 5 exercises that you can do with dumbbells! No fancy machines, just dumbbells. These exercises will help you develop the overall muscle group.
Understanding Anatomy of the Mysterious Deltoids.
Shoulder muscle group comprises of three heads: front, middle and rear. These deltoids, and the wonderful ball-and-socket joint is what allows your arm to move front, to the side and behind. Almost in all directions. Three different muscles make this possible: Anterior/front delts, middle/outer/side delts and posterior/rear delts.

In order to develop your shoulder overall, you need to overload all the three muscles. Here are the list of exercises that will target them all. Get ready to get wrecking ball sized deltoids!
1. Side Laterals
Hold weights, your arms slightly bent at the elbows, and pull the dumbbells sideways up to shoulder-height before lowering them. You can even stretch your arms straight out to have an overload effect with the same amount of weight.

2. Front raises
Keep your arms straight and pull the weight to your shoulder’s height (lift them even higher for a more complete benefit) and slowly lower them. This is going to put some pressure on your biceps and forearms too. You can consider this a bonus.

3. Bent over laterals
This exercise works a good deal of your rear (delts, not the other rear). Bend over and grip the weights. Pull them sideways, your arms stretched, and lower them back to the first position.
While you’re at it, rest your head on a bench.
4. Arnold Press
Sit on a bench and hold the dumbbells close to you, at about your chest level, elbows bent and your palms facing you. Keep your hands shoulder distance apart. Now, press the weights straight up, twisting your arms so that your palms face away from you when at the top. In the same twisting movement lower the weight back to the first position.

Arnold press is an effective way to work all three deltoids with just one movement.
5. Military Press
This movement is similar to Arnold Press - except for twisting. Simply hold the weight at each side of your head and press them straight up. This is another great way to work your complete shoulder, especially your sides.
Things to remember
If you are comfortable lifting a weight, stop lifting it. Lift a heavier weight. Only then will your muscle receive that shock and later while you sleep, given you get enough nutrition, repair the muscle making it bigger and stronger.

Do your exercises with proper form. Not doing so is inviting injury. Please do it with proper form. Try your exercise with lighter dumbbells (or just use the dumbbell rods with no weights on) till you get perfect form before pressing heavy.

Eat healthy and sleep well. These two things are as important as training. Doing one without the other will give you no results. Trust me on this.

And last but not the least - don’t forget to breathe. Try your best to maintain a steady breathing. While lifting heavy weights you might tend to stop breathing, consciously or not. But keep in mind that only when you breathe do you get oxygen pumped to your muscles, energizing them.

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