Top 5 bad habits most runners have, And how to break them.

Running without a proper form is better than not running at all. In this article we will discuss 5 most common and prevalent bad habits that most runners have, and explain a way as to how to break them.

Running without a proper form is better than not running at all. In this article we will discuss 5 most common and prevalent bad habits that most runners have, and explain a way as to how to break them.
1. Not Warming up before you run
Warm-up is key. Doing a pre-run stretches or even a brisk walk would prepare your body for a sprint. Running without warming up increases the chance of injury.

To avoid that, start slow. Start with a brisk walk, stretch your legs and arms until you feel warm and energetic. Then, dash.
2. Looking down
A proper form is extremely crucial in any form of training or exercise, without which you are simply calling for an injury to occur. Many runners tend to look down, bow their heads and lean forwards. This puts an incredible amount of strain on your neck and spine. In the long run, this can have a devastating effect.

To avoid strain in your neck, shoulders and spine, look straight ahead when you are running. And while you are at it, relax your shoulders and keep your wrists free and unclenched. We don’t want you to waste the energy by tightening your shoulders and wrists when you could instead use that energy to run a little farther and longer.
3. Swinging arms across your chest
Many runners find it tempting to swing their arms across the chest. Doing so will reduce your efficiency to achieve maximum benefit out of running. The right way is to move your arms back and forth. Don’t let your body to put effort in running efficiently.

Next time you run, be conscious of your arms. Move them to and fro. If you are used to moving them across your chest you might find it difficult to inculcate this change. But it is worth it. Your will have more room for your chest to breath and you will run a lot more effectively.
4. Not hydrating yourself enough
Running takes effort and effort results in dehydration. Keeping your body hydrated is important and many runners overlook this fact. Compromising your health will have a bad effect on your performance.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Have some just before you set out to run. This way you have fluids to lose. Carry a bottle of water with you if you can, and while you are at it, add some energy powder to it to have a boost during your run.

5. Skipping post-run stretch
Do not skip to stretch after your workout. A good amount of stretching will help you relax your muscles and reduce the chance of injury significantly. Prevention is better than medication, right?

Bonus tip
Don’t overtrain. Running is supposed to get you fit and have fun while at it. There’s no point in overtraining yourself to a point where you feel stressed out instead of relaxed and rejuvenated.

Most important of all - have fun running!

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