5 Core Exercises All Tennis Players Should Do

Core muscle group is undoubtedly one of the most important muscle groups for any tennis player. A fit core would allow you to transfer power from your legs, through your core, and ultimately to your racquet.

Core muscle group is undoubtedly one of the most important muscle groups for any tennis player. A fit core would allow you to transfer power from your legs, through your core, and ultimately to your racquet.

Having a fit core will substantially increase your chances of playing in an effective and powerful way.

In this article we list 5 exercises that would improve your core fitness; as a consequence increasing scope to improve your tennis skills.
1. Plank
This exercise is by far the most simple yet effective. Get into prone position, rest on your elbows. Keep your legs straight and slightly apart. Make sure your body forms a straight line.

Stay in the position as long as you can before resting and repeating the same. Plank is a great way to improve your overall core fitness.
2. Side plank
This movement is a variation of the plank. Just like in plank, position your body. Instead of resting on two elbows, support your weight on one side of your body, i.e. one elbow and one foot. Raise your body to the side. Stay in this position for as long as you can.

When doing a side plank, you could also raising the leg on the top. Besides working your abs, this exercise would also put pressure on both your obliques and hip muscles. An all-round core movement.
3. Crunches
This movement is by far the most difficult of the entire list; and also, the most rewarding in terms of muscle growth and fitness. Doing crunches will work your abs effectively and give them definition and shape while strengthening them.

Lie on the floor, legs bent at the knee and resting. Put your hands behind your head and (without using your hands) pull yourself up as far as you can. This will put a lot of pressure on your abdominal muscles.
4. Mountain Climbers
Get yourself into prone position with your body-weight resting on your palms and toes. Straighten your arms and legs before you begin the movement.

Now, like you would climb a mountain, move one feet after the other forward. Your knee should almost touch your navel. Repeat the process by alternating your legs.
5. Leg raises
This is another simple-to-do exercise that will improve your overall core fitness. Lie down on the floor with your arms straight and adjacent to your torso. Keep your legs straight too, before you start the movement. As one unit, raise both your legs (still keeping them straight) until you make a right angle with your body and lower them back down before repeating.

There are many more exercises which could help you get your core fit and strong. The important thing to take away from this article is the fact that how important your core fitness is to your tennis gameplay. Your performance will considerably improve when you have a fit core. Make sure you spend some time by doing these workouts everyday and be amazed at the results.

Work hard for a strong, hard core!

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