Tennis Racquets: Understand String Patterns

Racquets differently strung give differing results. There are majorly 2 types of patterns you would see on most racquets these days: Open and Closed.

Racquets differently strung give differing results. There are majorly 2 types of patterns you would see on most racquets these days: Open and Closed. A string pattern significantly affects your spin, power and control - three most crucial aspects in any game.

In this article, we will discuss what benefits each of these two kinds offer and what pattern should you string your head with. And also, we will give an elaborate explanation about the standard notation manufacturers use in identifying one pattern from the other.

It becomes easy to understand string pattern types if you are able to read and understand the notation manufacturers use.
For example: 18 by 20 indicates 18 vertical/mains and 20 crosses.

String patterns can be of a big variety. The notation will give you an idea as to how the pattern of a racquet is.
Strings that are spread out is called an Open pattern. Open patterns offer more power and spin while compromising on durability and control.
If you find a string bed to have a tightly woven pattern, it is safe to call it a Closed pattern. This pattern offers durability and increased control. Tennis Racquets that have closed patterns do not offer added power and spin.

Head size
Even size of the head comes into play. Imagine two racquets, each of different head size, one bigger and the other small. Let’s assume these tennis racquets both have equal number of holes for the strings to be woven. Both when strung, even though similar, the pattern appears open in one, and a tighter in the other. Big head has more area and the strings spread out making an open kind of pattern. In a similar fashion, the small head has smaller area. Hence, the pattern appears to be tighter/closer.

What to choose?

For beginners, an open spaced pattern will be fitting. It allows you to add more power and spin to your shots. Whereas, if you are an experienced player, you will do better with a tighter patterned racquet. As you already have enough power and spin, you will perform great with a racquet that offers more control - closed pattern.

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