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Today, it's a fairly complex task that may appear too complicated for people who are just starting with the marketing of iOS apps. However, we're here to provide some useful advice and tell you about methods you can use to promote iOS games and apps on today's market

If you want to stay in business, you need to use every trick up your sleeve to make sure that your product gets enough demand, and in order to get even the slightest bit of demand, you need to figure out what your audience is, how you can reach it and how you can keep it interested in what you're offering to them. In this case, we're talking about mobile applications and games, and ways to promote iOS apps on the market today.
Today, it's a fairly complex task that may appear too complicated for people who are just starting with the marketing of iOS apps. However, we're here to provide some useful advice and tell you about methods you can use to promote iOS games and apps on today's market. Read on!

Incentive traffic

Incentive traffic is a good way to get your app a few positions higher in the search results, and sometimes even a few hundred downloads is a great opportunity for smaller developers to get past the initial competition and attract more users – or even reach the Top Apps if they're lucky! Of course, incentive traffic requires one little thing – a complete understanding of what it means.
Some people may think that it's a way to forge reviews and ratings, like some people suspect when it comes to the idea of paid traffic. However, in truth it's very similar to a very familiar situation for most people – you're asking your friend to do you a favor and then reward them with a beer or a drink of their choice or something else. This is on par with these kinds of favors, but they're done in a more professional environment – you're just giving user a small reward for doing you a nice favor, but they will do it because the terms of use on various platforms related to sources of incentive traffic require the motivated users to complete the task before they will get paid, so you don't have to worry about losing your money (even if it's not much) and people running off without completing the task they were assigned to do.
Pay extra attention to the source of incentive traffic – if the downloads aren't organic, then you're risking to lose your account and getting your app removed from the App Store, with few to no chances to redeem yourself in front of your audience and platform holders. You must understand what you're doing and you must know who you are dealing with – if you're dealing with some shady platform which doesn't provide any proof of their experience and denies your request to show the sample of the work, it's a massive red flag for you and your app. Instead, look for trusted and legitimate sources of mobile traffic to promote iOS games without trouble.
The best way to get incentive traffic today is through professional mobile marketing agencies, which offer more than you can even think of when it comes to mobile marketing. There's nothing bad in trying to pull everything off on your own, but let's be reasonable – today there's no need to do it. You can make your life a lot easier and return way more than you have invested in the marketing if you can pick a reasonable approach to your marketing campaign and figure out what you need and what you don't need. Promotion of your application on your own today is something people do when they cannot afford the professional marketing services or just want to show off their marketing skills – and let's be honest, most of these cases end up in a very negative light, which is a shame – there are so many good apps out there which would benefit from good marketing treatment, and your application or game is no exception to this case.

More good promotional practices

Don't be cheap – spend some time and money to set up your own website. Today, web hosting is not as expensive as it was before, so you'll be able to set up a professional website without too much of a hassle. It doesn't have to look extra cool, it can be a modest website with slick design and without anything useless or unnecessary – by setting up even a simple website you're already helping to establish your credibility as a person. You can just add a few lines about yourself and add contact information to make sure that whoever is looking at your site may have a chance to confirm that indeed, you are a real developer.
Talk to your audience. While it's not endorsed to talk about off-topic things too much, you can still hook your audience with rare off-topic discussions to loosen them up and make them come to talk about anything when it's possible – after all, you're giving yet another reason to visit your public page, and users will be interested in more than just the news about your application or game.
Pay attention to the quality. Releasing a buggy app today is like shooting yourself in the foot – nothing good will come out of it, in fact, it will only lead to more problems. You will lose your credibility as the developer, you will have a hard time trying to fix the app as soon as you can, and this way you'll just jeopardize your marketing plans from the get go. If that is not enough to convince you to pay extra attention to the quality and how your app is presented to the audience. Someday this factor will decide whether your application or game ends up being successful or not, and it's recommended to take a few days or even weeks to give your app some stress testing.
Try optimizing your app. It is streamlined into two different methods – Keyword Optimization and Asset Optimization. Both offer different benefits and require different approaches to the task to make sure that the process brings the best possible results. While it's execution feels somewhat between proper research and trial and error, App Store Optimization will most likely improve your position on the market either way. Let's take a closer look at each approach and learn what we should do to optimize the app or get it optimized.

In short:

- Don't be cheap and set up your own website and get your own domain name;
- Spend some time polishing your app to make it pleasant and nice to use;
- Use ASO to improve your performance on the market.

Remember that marketing is very important to you and your brand, and it's in your best interests to make sure that your application or game gets the most out of what the market has to offer. As long as you remember that your success depends on both quality and your marketing campaign, you should reach your audience, but keep in mind that mobile marketing has a lot of trial-and-error too, so don't get too upset if you don't get the expected results – see what's going wrong and change your plans accordingly, and learn from that. There are no “one size fits all” solutions, so keep playing around and experimenting with new marketing practices and approaches. After all, it's just silly to leave your app like this, without any support or promotion.

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