Big Data startup Knoyd is launching a data science bootcamp

Big Data startup Knoyd aims to disrupt the process of training and hiring data scientists by launching BaseCamp, an innovative data science bootcamp. BaseCamp will allow prospective data scientists to learn and train on real companies’ problems and will prepare them for an exciting data science career.

Big Data startup Knoyd aims to disrupt the process of training and hiring data scientists by launching BaseCamp, an innovative data science bootcamp. BaseCamp will allow prospective data scientists to learn and train on real companies" problems and will prepare them for an exciting data science career.

The first cohort of 8-10 participants will start in Vienna, on 9th of January 2017. During eight full-time weeks, participants will get well versed in all the necessary skills to become a valuable part of any data science team: programming (R, Python, or Spark), data engineering (databases, APIs), machine learning, and business aspects of data science. They will also be able to show their skills to the potential future employer, while working on their project. BaseCamp will be receiving applications for the first batch until the 31st of August 2016, then the evaluation process will begin.

Being located in Vienna, Austria, it is the first program of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), providing easier access to data science for both the individuals and the companies there. "Being originally from Slovakia, we have experienced first hand, how difficult it can be to make it into the field of data science from our region. I have also experienced how difficult and expensive it is to find a self-sufficient junior data scientist for your company. These things should really not be that difficult." Lukas Toma, CEO. The charm of Vienna, its rich history, culture, and vibrant business environment promise a great cultural experience on top.


Due to the rapid increase in data volumes the offer of data science jobs is continually growing. According to IBM, 2.5 quintillion (1018) bytes of data are created daily, of which 90% were produced in the last two years alone. By 2018, the demand for data scientists is predicted to exceed supply by about 50 to 60% (McKinsey study). Techcrunch declares that all current educational programs, including online platforms, existing university programs, and bootcamps combined will not be able to supply enough data scientists.


The market provides a huge opportunity and that is why Vienna is only the beginning. The team"s vision is that after several cohorts, when BaseCamp is well established in Vienna, they will launch in other cities across the globe. "The next batch may start in Asia - or why not in South America? Sooner or later data scientists will be needed everywhere where business is done. But for the moment, our primary focus stays in Vienna and on the first batch." says Juraj Kapasny, CSO.


Although there are quite a few data science bootcamps in the US, the European market lags behind. The closest data science training programs are in London, Dublin, Berlin, and Turin. East of Berlin, there are none yet. And the current data science training programs typically insist on a past data science or coding experience. However, Lukas and Juraj realized that previous knowledge and experience are not the most essential preconditions for becoming a data scientist. They in fact believe that almost anyone can become one, as long as they have the right mix of analytical thinking, domain expertise, ability to pose the right questions, and of course a willingness to learn.

Moreover, the participants of other data science bootcamps mostly learn on "toy" projects, which are often far from emulating the real world data science challenges. "We want our participants to learn directly on the problems of real companies, including deadlines, presentations, and discussing business requirements. This is the only way to effectively learn how to do data science in a business setting." says Juraj.

About Knoyd

Knoyd was founded in Slovakia, in 2015, by Lukas Toma and Juraj Kapasny. They provide customized and affordable data science solutions for businesses of any size and help them leverage their data and create the competitive edge. Before founding their own consulting company, Lukas was among the first data scientists in the German startup Kreditech and has later founded the data science department at the Austrian startup Ulmon (CityMaps2Go). Juraj, on the other hand, was a member ofthe data science department at Teradata Austria, where he gained hands-on experience from projects for big corporations such as Vodafone and Saudi Telecom. At the moment, they are working on challenging projects for clients such as Finaccel, Localization Guru, Kreditech, etc.

"I am fond of BaseCamp because in my experience "what you know" (models, methods, theories) is less important than "how you know it", and what differentiates people is the ability to thrive off the beaten track. When you work at the forefront, on real and pressing issues, you do science and invention the old way - one (big) part a good foundation as an anchor, one part a vision of what's possible to make you stubborn, and one part intuition for welding together disparate knowledge into a solution. Having previously worked with Knoyd guys personally, I am absolutely confident they are the right people to guide people there - and there's precious few guides after." says Liuben Siarov, SVP Data Science - Risk at Kreditech Holding GmbH.

BaseCamp is currently looking for partners. To become a BaseCamp partner, companies can choose from three basic options. Choosing the first option, the company will have their data-related problem solved by a BaseCamp participant. In case the company is satisfied with the solution, nothing stands in a way of hiring the person that delivered it. Second option is to pre-select a preferred candidate from the pool of applicants and provide them with a scholarship in exchange for future work commitment. The last option is to have a current employee trained into a data science rock star. The main advantage of all three scenarios is a premium access to data science talent. Besides, after graduating from BaseCamp, the fresh data scientists will already have all the necessary skills and insights into company"s business. They can immediately start working for the company, without the need for costly and time-consuming on-boarding.

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