Aurangzeb Hafi IRT Research Model Indicates High Fractions of Pre-birth Disabilities

A Noble & Historic Breakthrough in Disability Prevention by SAIRI Postdoc Multiversity, that Emerges to Impact Directly the Lives of Over 779 Million Disables of the World ? A Pioneering Scientific and Humanitarian Contribution of Pakistani Multi-disciplinary Researcher Qadhi A.Z. Hafi, on the Historic United Nations IDPD-2015. Pakistan, quite eloquently becoming the planetary research capital in teratological studies.

UN News Desk/Asia, December 07, 2015 /PressReleasePing/ - Evidence-based, well documented statistical records of nearly 685-795 million disables of the world, when co-related with data analysis, quite shockingly endorse enough-provable linkages and incontestable 'causal relationships' between fetal 'iatro-teratogenecity' and multiple forms of disabilities among newly born and unborn babies.
The term 'iatro-teratogenesis' or iatro-teratogenicity refers to the deadly spectacle-manifestations and pandemic out-breaks of 'irrational medications' that are administered during pregnancy or in lactation periods.
Facts in Existence:
According to the UN statistical records, over 8,79,000 children under five, die every year?i.e. almost over 3-4 babies a minute, mainly; either due to the 'biologically non-compatible' chemicals-based medicine intakes during pregnancy, or for the reason of consuming toxically germ-infested unsafe drinking water. Countless others fall in serious sufferings of long-term health consequences.

Inadequate policies for medication during pregnancy, on one hand, and ecologically incompatible sewage-drainage practices on the other hand, are the primary causes and the major attributable provenance root-sources of the complexity of present situation, learnt the United Nations IDPD Observance 2015.

Brief Contextuality:
Despite the huge developments and massive encroachments in 'medical measures' like vaccine-inoculations etc., the past 45 years have witnessed an enormous rise in complexities of pre-birth as well as post-birth disabilities along with increased intensifications in iatro-causal child mortality.
Miscellaneous and diverse manifolds of new 'types & forms' of structural as well as functional abnormalities are appearing on the medical scene. More the medical advancements claim to reach the paramount of success, more the graph of disability-centered consequential complexities tend to reach the maxima of the recorded human history.

The Underlying Causality-Reason#1:
Notably, most of the prevalent drug-formulations are predominantly based on complex chemical-compositions, which, essentially, do pose serious threats to the physio-chemical synchrony of fetal tissues?thus, eventually leaving the baby on severe vulnerabilities of life-long disabilities-- both, structural as well as functional.
Not only are these embryonically 'non-compatible' hefty drug-formulations hard to be absorbed by the fetal tissues,---but also their chemical structures remain intransigently 'tough-enough' to be broken down and processed by the fetal cells in the same time-frame and interval-break-intermissions, as those of the mother's body-cells.
During this course of ultimate 'dis-synchrony' in complex dynamic-interplay of chemicals and human body, the fetal body-cells are left with no margin-latitudes other than bearing heavy toxic burdens at the very initial stages of cell-formations and organogenesis?and, ultimately persisting on worstly devastating complexities, in forms of permanent physical or mental abnormalities.
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