Top Internet Security Website Finds Suitable Partner To Fight Online Crime

A Utah-based and successful online security website has just recently partnered with a major Managed Computer Services provider to bring to you an all-in-one solution to protect your computer and personal identity from cyber-criminals.

Heber, Utah ( December 9, 2007 - Bill Wardell, the creator of has recently expanded his reach by establishing another website, A partnership between Mr. Wardell and INVISUS Direct, a Managed Computer Services company also located in Utah resulted in this new site.

INVISUS Direct has been a subscription-based service provider since 2001 that now reaches out to 10 million individuals, families and small businesses making the use of a computer safe, simple, hassle-free and fun again. At the core of this, INVISUS Direct protects its customers from the onslaught of Internet-based attacks against personal privacy and related security threats.

With its roots set deep in computer and Internet security, INVISUS Direct has recently expanded its offerings to include comprehensive personal identity management and protection. This is the ultimate protection against identity theft backed by the resources to resolve any problems associated with personal identity theft, including a $25,000 identity recovery assistance insurance policy.

INVISUS Direct takes the ?un? out of owning a computer. Most unknowing and unwitting victims do not realize how badly their own computers have been compromised by online criminals. They have unintentionally allowed unauthorized access and use of their computers by unscrupulous criminals to facilitate unthinkable crimes, such as identity theft, denial of service attacks, phishing, click fraud, and the mass distribution of spam and spyware.

The US government has reported that identity theft is now the fastest growing crime, touching one in ten Internet users, vs. one in twenty among the public at large. Organized crime has taken over a significant portion of the Internet, and its success affects every user of the Internet in some way. The following statistics will help you understand how much computers have become a part of our lives and our economies.

About 240 million PCs are sold annually. Gartner, Inc.
Over 225 million Internet users in North America Nielson-Netratings
Over 56 million online banking households in U.S. (62% of households) by 2010. eMarketer
About 40 million people trade stocks online. Google
Web users spend an average of 19 hours online every week. Nielson-Netratings
Over 125 million people buy and sell on eBay. $1000 is spent every second on eBay. CBS News
There are over 15.5 million active Internet blogs.
Over 6.4 billion Internet search inquiries conducted each month. Nielson Netratings

Unfortunately, computers are not built to withstand the onslaught of millions of criminals around the world looking for opportunities to commit crime. The growth of criminal ?botnets? has been nothing less than phenomenal. In 2005, Red Herring, the technology business journal, reported that an average of 172,000 PCs were hijacked and added to botnets daily. Hackers are invading reputable websites, lacing them with malware tools that visitors unwittingly download. Google researchers recently said that at least one in 10 web pages is booby-trapped with malware. Secure Computing says that more than 10,000 websites are being infected every single day.

Regardless of who you are, the range of crimes emerging from the Internet is very large and you can be affected. Now Online Security Authority ( is able to offer helpful information and allow individuals and businesses to take concrete practical action to protect their computers and themselves. INVISUS Direct provides services and downloadable software that allows people to protect their computers from the following potential dangers (Just to name a very few): Spyware ?Viruses ?Worms ?Trojan Horses ?Phishing ?Phreaking ?Pharming ?Hacking ?Ransomware ?Scareware ?Typo-Squatting

Computer problems are a drain on their owners? time, money, and productivity. Poor performance, slow Internet speeds, pop ups, spam emails, and system lockups and crashes are just a few of the annoyances caused by infected computers. These problems have become so common that they have become part of the everyday experience with computers?and consumers, to the degree that people have started to believe that?s just the way computers are! Complacency in these situations ends up exacerbating their vile spread world-wide.

Here are some more statistics with problems and computer repairs:

American households alone spend $4 billion a year on computer repairs, according to Consumer Reports.
Technical support services such as PC diagnosis and repair can cost up to $160 an hour, or $345 per problem. Consumer Reports
The average computer user wastes 12 hours every month on computer troubles. MSNBC
6 in 10 people are not happy with how their most recent computer service experience was handled. Accenture
75% turn to friends and family for help with computers. But relying on friends and family is straining relationships. 58% of those who try to help others out said they?d rather help a friend to move than help them with their computer. MSNBC
The total U.S. market for computer services is about $290 billion a year. Gartner, Inc.
The market for computer security has been growing at a 16% annual rate, according to BBC Research. It will reach $37 billion in 2007, and by 2010 it will exceed $58 billion.

The truth is that as consumers the status quo should not be accepted. People should take advantage of tools that are available to protect and deter cyber-criminals from their computers. Invisus? PC Security Solutions is an example of a way to combat computer crime and cut down on losses that we experience every day.

For more information contact Bill Wardell at: OnlineSecurityAuthority ( @ ) comcast dot net, or go online to the
URL:, to find out how to have a hassle free computer experience.


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by Bill Wardell (few years ago!)

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