Los Angeles - Get Back To Work Event (August 04,2011)

As California's unemployment approaches 13%, Best Jobs Magazine and the U.S. Vets of Long Beach are working to help residents and Veterans Get Back to Work! On August 4, 2011, dynamic Career Event will help local residents connect with employers.

As California's unemployment approaches 13%, Best Jobs Magazine and the U.S. Vets of Long Beach are working to help residents and Veterans Get Back to Work!

On August 4, 2011, dynamic Career Event will help local residents connect with employers.

Although unemployment in California is still hovering around 12.6%, there are plenty of jobs out there. When you look at the number of jobs advertised every week-over one million posted last week alone-you realize there are employment opportunities everywhere. So why does unemployment continue to affect residents in every community?

Imagine your neighborhood's landscape filled with abandoned homes, vacant businesses, and sections occupied with the homeless wandering throughout the city. The unemployed struggle to get back to work and most report difficulty receiving interviews. Ultimately some remain unemployed for so long, they eventually quit looking. This is precisely the reason hundreds of cities across the country are experiencing record unemployment. The Los Angeles Times reported in October of 2009, that a poll showing Los Angeles's unemployment rate of 13% is partially due to a number of individuals who have given up the pursuit of employment.

Unemployment indirectly affects everything and everyone and can change the economic landscape of communities quicker than any other epidemic. Detroit is a perfect model for what unemployment can do to a city. Once a thriving economy, today with unemployment at 30%, it is in ruins. Given time and inaction, this can happen to any community.

But this does not have to happen. It is no coincidence that cities that engage their residents and help them connect with employers enjoy lower unemployment and stronger business revenues. There is no question that to build a stronger economy, we must help decrease unemployment. The City of Long Beach U.S. Vets and Best Jobs Magazine are hosting a dynamic Career Event on August 4, 2011 to help residents in its surrounding areas Get Back to Work.

Here are the details:

"Get Back to Work Now Event"
Cost: FREE
Date: Thursday, August 4, 2011
9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
2001 River Ave. Long Beach, CA 90810
(Register to receive a reminder)
To view events hosted in your area, visit the Get Back to Work Now page http://www.bestjobsmagazine.com/events.html

According to Andrew Isserman, "This type of event is important to the economic recovery for our communities." Isserman, an economist at the University of Illinois, and research colleagues Edward Feser and Drake Warren found that the prosperous places in rural America weren't the kinds of communities with higher populations, incomes, or more houses, but lower unemployment. Los Angeles has plenty of houses and a population second in size only to New York City, it is currently at the bottom of list when ranked for employment success. In a recent survey ranking the best cities for jobs, Los Angeles slipped to No. 59 out of 66 metropolitan areas nationwide.

Isserman listed four measures of prosperity: good housing, jobs, low poverty, and education, and found that prosperous counties graduate their kids from high school, possess low unemployment rates, and live in affordable housing.

"It is so refreshing to witness people coming together to help our communities. In recent months, cities caring about their residents have shown a direct involvement in helping skilled professionals connect with employers seeking those skills," says Fred Omid, Director of Best Jobs Magazine. "Our experience has shown greater success when cities and local officials become involved in helping residents connect with local employers."

Traditionally experts identified unemployment and the number of jobs available (job quantity) as directly connected; the more jobs available, the lower the unemployment rate. However, this is no longer always true. Today simply having more jobs available does not fix the unemployment epidemic. There is another factor that equally influences joblessness. This factor is the number of job seekers who are disconnected from the process.

Years ago, job seekers did not have difficulty connecting with employers. Today, however, the Internet has provided access to open positions like never before. These days an employer receives 500 to 5,000 resumes in response to several openings resulting from a single ad. This process for the average employer is like being outside in a blizzard; you look up and all you can see are snowflakes (resumes). "You receive so many resumes, finding the right applicant becomes close to impossible," says Mike Oliaie from OC Engineering. "We prefer the face to face."

On the other hand, the average job seeker has not had to look for employment for years and some for decades. Most are following traditional methods that serve only to blend them in with everyone else. Old strategies may have worked in the past, but do not work as well today. This is particularly true for those in a field short on jobs and swarming with desperate, highly qualified job seekers. Therefore, large populations of job seekers are following methods that no longer work.

Educating job seekers on ways to connect with employers is as important as job creation for most communities. During the recession of 2001, according to data from the Labor Department, the number of jobless people was double the number of full-time job openings. By the beginning of this year, job seekers outnumbered jobs six to one, with the ratio growing even more lopsided in recent months.

On August 4, 2011 , Best Jobs Magazine and the U.S. Vets of Long Beach are hosting the Get Back to Work Now event in the City of Long Beach. At this event (unlike a typical job fair), in addition to meeting with employers, job seekers attend educational workshops, network with employment resources, meet with job search assistants, apply for jobs by proxy, and attend workshops to sharpen their focus while searching. This event aims to help professionals connect with employers in the city.

The "By Proxy" application process showcases open positions for employers who do not typically attend job fairs or are unable to exhibit at the event, yet are hiring. " An important feature of the By Proxy application process is when you apply, your resume is forwarded directly to a hiring manager as opposed to a general mailbox," says Omid. "Our territory managers canvass the host city and surrounding areas each month to uncover available jobs. We confirm the validity of the positions, identify the hiring manager's contact information, and then showcase these positions in the By Proxy section."

Most job seekers we spoke to at the Get Back to Work Now event in June reported they prefer the face-to-face exchange. It is not uncommon to spend months waiting for responses when applying online. In a poll taken by Best Jobs Magazine, only 4% reported receiving calls from employers they targeted online. John Macy from Riverside said: "I'd rather hang a sign around my neck that reads Looking for work, and stand in my doorway than to apply online." Most agree they do better when communicating their skills in person than they can online using their resume. "Most people agree that they are more charismatic in person than they can project on a resume. Applying in person affords the average job seeker the opportunity to present their skills, create networking opportunities, and learn about hidden jobs most employers possess," says Abe Pagan, Best Jobs Magazine Territory Manager.

Best Jobs Magazine is hosting this event, which is open to the public and will showcase over 800 positions in one day. For more information visit www.bestjobsmagazine.com or contact Fred Omid at (949) 870-0201 or (888) 440-FIND (3436).


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