Combating Pornography Helps Prevent Nuclear Fallout on Youth, Families, and Communities, Providing Messages of Warning, Counsel, and Hope to All People, Everywhere!

Celestine Publishing released its second publication of Combating Pornography: Messages of Warning, Counsel, and Hope depicting a nuclear detonation as its hallmark cover. It is a new topical guide for use by parents, families, youth, leaders, addiction counselors, recovery programs, and anyone else addressing this destructive addiction.

Celestine Publishing ( announced the release of another version of its latest topical guide, Combating Pornography: Messages of Warning, Counsel, and Hope. This volume differs from its first release with a new cover design depicting a nuclear explosion analogous to the real devastation caused by pornographic addiction. It contains the same content as the original publication released earlier this month, but this new cover design sends a more profound message of warning designed to capture the attention of its reader.

Pornography is a "weapon of mass moral destruction" that strikes at the heart of society with devastating, nuclear holocaust-like consequences. Safety rules must be put in place to protect us, our families, our youth, and our communities from becoming casualties-captive to pornography's pernicious, radioactive, soul destroying fallout. This topical guide lays out our defensive tactics with more than a thousand safety rules cataloged under hundreds of topics previously published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on pornography and other addictions.

Vinny DiGirolamo, author of Combating Pornography emphasized, "The nuclear impact analogy of pornographic addictions on individuals, marriage relationships, and on our families, youth, and communities can not be overstated. We have been warned that with the internet's proliferation of pornographic material, the ease at which we can negatively affect our lives is only one click away. Let that one click away be the safety rules and measures we put in place to prevent such a catastrophe from ever happening in our lives and relationships. ("

"The initial response to the original edition of Combating Pornography is encouraging and has largely appealed to professional counselors and church leaders who are addressing the pernicious effects of pornography on their local population, congregations, or those in their care. This version however, was developed to catch the attention of parents, families, and youth who wish to take proactive, preventative measures against its pervasive invasion into our homes and lives. If you are currently dealing with issues related to the fallout from this addiction," he continued, "it is an invaluable handbook for taking preventative measures to protect our youth and families or regaining the health of loved ones suffering from exposure."

DiGirolamo reiterated, "Addictions are rampant in our society today. You cannot discuss one addictive pattern or behavioral cycle like pornography without considering similarities with other addictive behaviors like drug abuse, alcoholism, and gambling. The principles, counsel, and patterns identified in this publication also apply to these other addictions including the steps for recovery-complete recovery." Combating Pornography catalogues more than 1,000 principles from numerous articles previously published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on the topic of pornography and other addictions.

Combating Pornography is a new volume in the Principles with Promise series which are topical guides that catalog true principles found in scriptures and other authoritative materials on thousands of topics taught by Latter-day Saints, Catholics, and other Christian denominations. However, this particular topical guide and the counsel it provides is for all people, everywhere. It is an invaluable resource to anyone involved in the fight. Its warnings are clear. Its loving counsel is direct. The hope, path, and steps to recovery are illuminated within its pages. "Combating pornography in our personal lives is not only a matter of religious belief or doctrine, it is a matter of survival that needs to be considered by everyone. No one is immune to its deleterious effects; no one."

This volume catalogs principles taught over the past forty years on pornography and addiction and each principle is cataloged under hundreds of different topics to suit different interests. For example, if you are a parent, you might look under the topic, parent, to see what has been recommended that a parent should do to prevent pornography's invasion into your homes. If you are a parent or youth leader, you can read specific counsel given regarding that specific topics. If you want to know about change or repentance, then seek out the principles under those key words and so forth.

Not only was the original topical guide ( developed for doing research on specific topics, it is a useful resource and handbook for seeking guidance on what to do or how to address a variety of situations. It also serves as a teaching aide for lessons or discussion groups on hundreds of topics related to pornographic and other addictions. DiGirolamo suggested, "When you are counseling someone or considering your options for rescuing a loved one from pornography's deadly grasp, it will be helpful if you read what has been said on the topic before you decide what to do."
As a handbook, Combating Pornography also restates important family service information and provides the link to the official church website recently created to help stem the radioactive, soul destroying approach of pornography's ominous clouds and radioactive fallout. Visit for more information.

Combating Pornography: Messages of Warning, Counsel, and Hope was developed to serve as a vital resource or handbook for parents, leaders, families, youth and extended community of clinical psychologists, addiction counselors, and recovery program facilitators. Both volumes have identical content and are independently published as part of the Principles with Promise series by Celestine Publishing and may be purchased online at Combating Pornography is not an official publication of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, however its contents are consistent with what has been published on the topic over the last several decades. Both editions are available at and


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Company Name: Celestine Publishing, Ll c
Issued By: Vinny DiGirolamo
Address: 9660 Falls of Neuse Road Suite 138, #146
Zip: 27615
Website: Visit the website

by Vinny DiGirolamo (few years ago!)

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