Sovereign Duke of Bosnia formally blocks election fraud by usurpers of Bosnia sovereignty

Sovereign Duke of Bosnia issued a decision formally blocking a colossal election fraud attempted by the so-called Council for Peace Implementation, as the self-proclaimed usurper of Bosnia sovereignty, and its subject the de facto government.

Two decades since the war of 1990-ies and Bosnia is ruled just as disastrously by the "Peace Implementation Council", a colonizing self-proclaimed usurper of Bosnia de jure sovereignty. The Council is led by sovereigns of UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Russia and Japan,

The autocratic Council appoints foreigners as rotating heads of Bosnian state. These silent governors enjoy absolute powers that go beyond normal for a sovereign under international law. They visit bilaterally with heads of other states, speak in behalf of Bosnia in the UN, or partake in international conferences. All while holding a viceroyalty position: above any court's jurisdiction.

Colonialism thus never ended for Bosnia. Its first-class timber, which according to U of Alaska is matched only by that from northern Canada (but which is ice-covered most of the year), has been exported for centuries by usurpers of Bosnia sovereignty, to over two hundred countries. Sort of habit it became; a horror story that never ends, a Twilight Zone but for real.

The country is blatantly mismanaged and then interchangeably fed hefty portions of false nationalism and ideology resulting in always new division and bloodshed, thus enabling for new usurpations and new exploitations of Bosnia's abundant natural resources to take place. And it is this country, incredible as it sounds, which saw last week what was supposed to be "general elections". However, it turned bad for the autocrats, unmasking them for who they really are, while giving out all of the classical reasons for an annulment of elections.

The 1.4 million citizens, most of them expelled from their homes at gunpoint and now in refuge around the globe, were practically omitted from the elections for the first time. This left 3.8 million locals. Of those, some 3 million were registered to vote. Registration is still required, despite a new ID-card computerized registry of all citizens, called CIPS - a gift from the EU. So why "re-register" before elections? Nobody knows. The answer could lie in the fact that the re-registering decreases the number of those with voting right, thus artificially "increasing" the turnout percentage, as there is an apply minority of 200k or so voters that the usurper counts on for they never miss elections due to their and their relatives' dependence on political parties' payroll and influence. (More than half of able Bosnians are unemployed!)

Indeed, the turnout officially "doubled" this year, stopping at a record-high 56%! In actuality this is less than 30% due to the above mentioned 1+ million ignored voters and a huge number of invalid or blank ballots, a reason sufficient to render any electoral process null and void, as for example with Slovakia and Moldavia as recently as last month. However, the usurper did not even blink.

The Bosnia's electoral body is minute to begin with, yet over a half of million ballots were found invalid. The Presidency ballot contained just one simple, multiple-choice question, but the number of those ballots found to be invalid exceeded 130,000! It is hard to imagine so many illiterate people even daring to get out and vote in the first place? Although invalid ballots for Presidency from the Federation outnumber those from the Republika Srpska Entity, the autocratic Council proclaimed only the latter need be checked.

Thus it turns out that the Federation part of the country was the target of this abysmal rig. This encompasses the seating of unexpected winners: the ex-communist SDP party, for the executive branch, and the hard-line SDA party's Bosniak candidate, for the Presidency. Both "winners" are blindly obedient to the Council. The other member of the three-member Presidency that is elected from Federation was another from non-lustrated SDP cadre. He allegedly got over 300,000 votes obviously from the left-oriented Bosniaks, which seems to be aimed at aggravating Catholics and further complicating things in Bosnia by adding a third request for secession, in agreement with Serb and Bosniak members-elect.

Thus one Bakir Izetbegović, son of the late wartime Chairman of the Presidency Alija Izetbegović, got seated in the highest post of the de facto government which rules on behalf of the Council as the de jure sovereignty usurper. He openly wants to finish the job of decimating Bosnia, a task that his father joyfully carried out during 1990-ies with blessing by London, but was stopped by death. Like father like son, and the Bosnians now have little to hope for from the junior who was now reportedly fixing his own votes through his party members in the field, and who has an openly anti-Bosnian agenda. He is mostly known amongst locals as a funny guy, for his bizarre attempts to mimic his late father when on TV, and for the fact that he lost all races he ever took part in. The Council calls him "moderate and willing to compromise". The fear amongst Bosnians is growing as he unveiled that he is going to complete the job started by his father who stood by and watched Srebrenica genocide unfold, never ordering his three times larger army to march a mere ten miles on Srebrenica to actually prevent the genocide from ever happening.

According to numerous reports, the elections saw all sorts of fraud, pretty much all the deceitful tricks ever used in election process. All major tricks are in too, so a coincidence must be ruled out. The slowness to count the results was another red flag for the impartial observer. Though set up with latest IT equipment (a gift from the US Government) that supposedly enables swift counting and delivery on the very elections night, less than half of preliminary results were available within first 24 hours. Add to this a grotesque US ambassador, who in his noontime media statement on the election day suffers a slip of a tongue, proclaiming a "record high turnout", though the subsequently released official report showed the turnout at 11 a.m. (latest available at the time of his media statement) as mere 15%. Thus it turns out the unwise diplomat knew already at noon that by 7 p.m. (polls closing time) there would be a record turnout this time compared to all the elections since 1996!

But this is not news, as the autocratic Council has a long history of election rigging in Bosnia. They started doing it already with the first post-war elections back in 1996, and had since openly admitted it in the media, for instance to New York Times reporters:

What the Bosnians truly think of the unjust and ridiculous regime imposed on them, is best demonstrated by the massive pranks that they pulled on the election day, ranging from adding new choices to ballots like "Mickey Mouse" (and voting for him!), casting blank ballots, to unkindly tearing apart thousands of election posters in the capital Sarajevo alone.

In order to legalistically refute this massive-scale fraud, Sovereign Duke of Bosnia has issued an executive decision canceling the elections, according to


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by Bosnian Royal Family (few years ago!)

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