Sweden's H&M Fashion Encourages Teenage Obesity And Disruptive Social Behavior

Major Swedish based World Fashion Retailer Design Clothes That May Encourage Young Women to Gain Weight.

?Apart from possible unethical intellectual property infringement and use of copywrited concepts and ideas from young designers and competitors, Swedish Fashion Powerhouse Hennes & Mauritz may be designing fashion that encourage young women to get fat and develop unhealthy attitudes rather than look fashionable.?

?With their ?Fashion for All? philosophy, H&M disregards the importance of designing fashion that helps young girls to evolve better attitudes toward food, proper diet and healthier lifestyle.? Says Silvan Teodoro; author of ?Build Your Body for Life, Sex and Love,? ($ 20.99 paperback, Authorhouse, 1663 Liberty, Suite 200Bloomington, IN 47403) a 396-page, fully pictured new book.

?The average young women, usually teenagers, are unaware H&M?s incessant drive to lure fashion and Hollywood stars to promote their brand actually may encourage girls to develop disturbing compulsive eating disorders and body-deforming addictions?

?By employing high profile personalities to peddle their products and then designing clothes that are either too large---where a girl must put on weight to look good in them, or too small, where she needs to starve herself to fit in---the company may also be unaware it?s doing the public a disfavor.?

?According to latest research, there are millions of Hennes & Mauritz? Fashion buyers and users worldwide suffering from mild to severe depression, destructive symptoms of poor self-image, gaining weight, and battling obesity related issues? says Silvan Teodoro, a Stockholm based entertainer and author, with over 20 years of experience in helping young people rebuild their self-image.

Silvan adds that nearly 45-55 percent of these young women try to compensate for poor self-image by mimicking the eating habits and lifestyle of catwalk models and Hollywood stars the company will have them believe are the best specimen they should look up to.?

?What people may not know is that the models and Hollywood stars the company offers to lure young women to buy their products, also tugs the these young girls to idealize and mimic the unhealthy habits of the fashion and entertainment icons.

And these 'role models' of fashion and lifestyle actually bread a culture of self-discontent among young girls.

?The plethora of lawsuits young designers and established designers and competitors file against the Stockholm based company each year, and it?s use of cheap labor costs in poor or developing countries is indicative of a ?profit at all costs? philosophy that blatantly show disregard for young teenage girls health and well-being.?

?In fact,? suggests Silvan, ?each weekend, thousand of teenage young women in the City of Stockholm alone, will prep themselves up in cult-like H&M fashion rituals, and go out on life-threatening binge eating and alcohol drinking parties.?

?I have privately interviewed dozens of these young girls and their answers and and what cause them to suffer severe to sometimes fatal effects surprised me!?

?Worse still, the company?s practice of sending it?s scout designers around the world looking for ideas they can copy and manufacture as their own, are all direct attempts to say to young people that ?with our fashion' it doesn?t matter how you look, how you treat your body, or what you do achieve your desired short-term goal, as long you wear what we produce for you.? Silvan concludes.

It encourages unethical, anti-social mental attitude.

?Clearly, corporations that target vulnerable young people should re-look their approach toward profiting from their target group vulnerabilities, and assume greater responsibility for consequences of their business practices and the effects they product on these children.?

?Mothers too, should weigh in, and demand greater transparency for H&M and others massive Fashion retailers whose designs actually worsens the onslaught of obesity, eating disorder, and poor self-image issues plaguing this generation of teenagers.?

?Additionally, though it?s OK to develop product at the lowest possible price, Media authorities should also focus closely on these corporate behemoths use cheap labor where women and children produce their products under the poorest, most appalling conditions.?

For a free sample of ?Build Your Body for Life, Sex and Love, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Silvan Teodoro, Build Your Body Press, Brannkyrkogatan, 35, Stockholm, 11822 Sweden.

To order the new book, ?Build Your Body for Life, Sex and Love? by Silvan Teodoro, send a check or money order for $20.99 (postage paid) to Authorhouse, 1663 Liberty, Suite 200Bloomington, IN 47403)


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by Silvan Teodoro (few years ago!)

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