Tsunami Predicted To Hit The East Coast Of America On 25th December 2007

Parable-Based evidence is used to predict the date of a tsunami.

New Biblical research has proven the identity of the beast (http://provingjesus.co.uk). Revelation says that 666 is the number of a name. The 666th name in the Bible is Solomon, which is in agreement with the quote in Revelation "here is wisdom" because Solomon was famed for his wisdom. Solomon/wisdom is 666 because it is our "common-sense" which inhibits us from following commandments like "give up what you have and follow Jesus".

This research was first used to predict a tsunami to hit America on the 1st of April. The Solomon Islands were hit instead, showing that God is in support of this line of argument but is giving an extra warning to the Americans. The idea that Solomon is 666 is now supported by further research which has identified the names at positions 666+666, 666+666+666 and 666+666+666+666 in the Bible - these are all positive results and are represented by the four beasts that Daniel saw. In addition, Paul is the 3000th name in the Bible.

The evidence now points to 25th December 2007 as the most likely date for a tsunami to hit the East Coast of America. The evening of the 24th has a full moon (fulfilling a sign in the book of Joel) and the 25th of December is the traditional date for the birth of Jesus. North America has a picture of the whore of Babylon riding the scarlet beast (Hudson Bay/Labrador) as described in Revelation. This identifies America as the Biblical Babylon which is predicted to be destroyed by an angel throwing something like a large millstone into the sea. In fact, the tsunami will be generated from the Island of La Palma when the volcano on the unstable island erupts and part of it falls into the sea.

The reasons for the end-time events are as follows. There are 2.5 billion people in poverty. The rich nations claim to be Christian, but if they were following the teachings of Jesus then the problems of poverty would not exist. Since people refuse to follow the teachings of Jesus, it is necessary for God to intervene directly, otherwise billions would remain in conditions of malnutrition and disease indefinitely. The first plague is a tsunami, designed to draw attention to the problems and issues.

The second predicted event is an asteroid impact in 2039 (see http://asteroid2039.com). The signs of the time of the end that Jesus tells us to look for are fulfilled in August 2027 during the first approach of asteroid 1999 AN10.


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Company Name: Provingjesus.co.uk
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by Alasdair Laurie (few years ago!)

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