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World Trade Center's Ailing Workers File Suit For Healthcare

Almost 10,000 of the workers who rushed out to assist in the rescue operations during the World Trade Center bombing and consequent burning last September 11, 2001 have filed a lawsuit against the Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg. According to the suit, the mayor has allegedly failed to provide the rescue workers with appropriate healthcare services to those who have fallen ill after the

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Study Reveals Kids? Roller Shoes May Cause Danger

A recently concluded study focused on injuries caused by kids? roller shoes showed that a substantial percentage of kids sustained injuries when wearing roller shoes and mostly during the period when they are just learning to use them.

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Hearing On Employment Eligibility Verification System Conducted

The Subcommittee on Social Security under the Committee on Ways and Means conducted its hearing of the present and proposed systems for verification of employment eligibility.

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What Is Old Is New Again: Using The Wisdom Of The Bible To Avoid Pitfalls And Malpractice When Litigating First-party Insurance Claims

On August 2nd 2007, the Institute of American and Talmudic Law (IAT Law) will host a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Seminar entitled ?Filing, Negotiating and Litigating the First-Party Insurance Claim: Avoiding The Pitfalls and Malpractice,? which will include the Bible's perspective on this high-profile issue.

by Noah Heber (few years ago!)
Extra Help Benefits Offered By Medicare As Father?s Day Commemoration

In commemoration of the coming Father?s Day celebration, the Social Security Administration and the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services worked together in order to get across some benefits to Medicare beneficiaries.

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Farmer Harry Young Lobbies President And Congress To Save Black And White Middle Class Farmers? Land

TO our Esteemed Members of Congress: The purpose of this letter to the President and members of the United States Congress is that I would like for them to tell me why I cannot get a day in Court, despite filing 500 pages in US District Court. I continue to contact all 535 members of congress, but I get very few replies and when you do reply, you say "this is not in my district."

by Harry Young (few years ago!)
Venues For Lawsuit Against McDonald?s Limited By Court

The State Supreme Court for Missouri ruled last Tuesday that the families that filed charges against McDonald?s for their children?s E. coli infections after eating hamburgers from said restaurant should sue only in the counties where the incidents happened.

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Unborn Child Can File Charges Of Negligence, According To Appeals Court Decision

The state?s Court of Appeals in Madison ruled that a child that has been conceived but was not yet born during a time when a negligent act is committed against him or her could later sue for personal injury charges of negligence.

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Data Reign Paralegal Services Consolidates Offices In Euless At 511 South Main Street

Data Reign Paralegal Services announced today it will consolidate its Dallas and Fort Worth Offices on August 1, 2007. The new offices will be located at 511 South Main Street, Euless, Texas 76040.

by Jim Barber (few years ago!)
Senior League And Illegal Worker To Benefit From Immigration Bill

Over two million illegal workers who received their Social Security numbers before the year 2004 stand to receive Social Security benefits amounting to over $966 billion by the year 2040.

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Two CN Freight Trains Collide In CN Yazoo Subdivision Anding Mississippi

Two CN freight trains collided head on in the CN Yazoo Subdivision, Anding Mississippi. This is the site where the train?s central operations are located.

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SUV Crash Take Lives Of 5 High School Grads In N.Y.

A crash collision involving a sport utility vehicle killed five girls who have graduated from high school in sub urban Rochester only five days before the fateful incident.

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Girls In Mississippi Detention Center, Abused

On behalf of six girls in Columbia Training School, a detention center in Mississippi, the Mississippi Youth Justice Project filed a federal lawsuit against the state on Wednesday for physical and sexual abuse.

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New And Never Used Microwave Oven Explodes

A woman in North Texas was surprised when her microwave oven, with the brand name of General Electric, which was newly bought three days ago and not yet used, exploded.

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Kangaro Succeeds In Enforcing Their Trade Mark/ Trade Dress Rights

Kangaro Industries Limited enforced their trade mark/trade dress rights by obtaining an ex-parte ad-interim injunction from the Delhi High Court against the Evershine STY. Industries for allegedly copying their unique get-up Lay-out and colour combination of blue and warm grey and selling their products under the Trade Mark FROG.

by Mani (few years ago!)
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