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David K. Liggett Admitted To The Federation Of Regulatory Counsel

Ragsdale Liggett PLLC has announced that David K. Liggett, partner at the firm, has been admitted to the Federation of Regulatory Counsel, Inc. (FORC), an exclusive multi-national association of lawyers dedicated to excellence in the practice of insurance regulatory law.

by Patty Briguglio (few years ago!)
BAFL Registers Exponential Growth

BAFL (, the leading non-attorney solutions provider in California, is receiving applauds from all corners of the US for its low-cost and effective divorce services.

by Charles Shaw (few years ago!)
BAFL Offers Inexpensive And Effective Divorce Solutions

A divorce process across the US was largely being perceived as a complex process. This, until (BAFL) started its non-attorney services in California. Having its presence in some important cities of California including San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Fremont, Sunny Vale, Santa Rosa, Hayward, Concord, Vallejo, and Daly City, www.bay-area-fa

by Charles Shaw (few years ago!)
BAFL Bring Smiles To Hundreds Of Couples

Married couples in California can breathe easy now, and the credit goes to BAFL (, the leading non-attorney service provider, for bringing smiles to hundreds of couples across the state. Prior to the establishment of BAFL, most couples used to follow the complicated and expensive procedure of divorce ending up in frustration.

by Charles Shaw (few years ago!)
The Right New York Attorney, As Easy As A Phone Call Away

At that time in your life that can be so stressful you can?t think of where to turn to..

by Lana Surmanek (few years ago!)
Change In Registered Office Address

A number of companies including CityBlock plc have changed their registered office this month.

by Darvy (few years ago!)
Legal Con Man Game? Credit Card Rigging

Legal Con Man Game? Credit Card Rigging --to Card Holders' Disadvantage --How the credit card Industry has changed and what this means for you. Evolution to revolution?

by Jack Payne (few years ago!)
Traditional Lawyers Bypassed For Online Legal Services

Get legal help without spending a lot of time and money with a lawyer. Find out why online legal services are replacing some traditional lawyers.

by Kennard McGill (few years ago!)
Mortgage Fraud: In Search Of Equal Justice

Let the truth carries the scales of justice, let equality depends upon the force of moral right, let the respect for law and order be the underlying principle for the formulation of justice and at last, but not least, let justice triumph.

by Pierre R. Augustin (few years ago!)
Cyber Eye Forensics, Inc. Achieves Certified Computer Examiner Certification

Managing partner of Litigation Support Company in Atlanta, GA achieves Certified Computer Examiner Certification.

by Matthew Smith (few years ago!)
John R. Hemphill Named President Of High Noon Toastmasters

Ragsdale Liggett PLLC has announced that John R. ?Jay? Hemphill, an associate attorney at the firm, has been named president of High Noon Toastmasters in Raleigh.

by Patty Briguglio (few years ago!)
TBI Education For Army, Commences

The United States Army had launched an education program that focuses on teaching a target of 1 million soldiers on traumatic brain injury or TBI. The education program is geared towards attaining a level of awareness on the symptoms of brain injuries and the PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. According to earlier statements by the federal and state governments, TBI and PTSDA are the two ...

by x (few years ago!)
Tires Subject To U.S. Recall Met Safety Standards ?- China

The inspectors of the Chinese government concluded that the tires manufactured by a Chinese company that had been subjected t a nationwide recall in the United States have officially met the U.S. safety standards on such products. The said officials have inspected the Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co. and issued these following decisions after examining three tires in their government laboratory.

by x (few years ago!)
Warner Music Not Keen On Take-over Bid For EMI In Britain

The Warner Music Group Corp declared in a statement on Tuesday that they have decided not to make an offer for the acquisition of EMI Group PLC, known as their rival music company. However, they noted that they have secured the right to make such take-over bid later on. The Warner Music, which is based in New York, have reserved their right to be a part of a take-over bid or be able to present..

by x (few years ago!)
Specialist Intellectual Property Company Launches New And Innovative Services For The Indian Domestic Market

Verist an Intellectual Property Solutions company introduces a range of new services in relation to Idea Protection, Idea Management and Idea Commercialization for the Indian domestic market. Verist has also been working on various software applications that have been designed keeping in mind the Indian Inventor for which the company has also filed a patent and is in the process of filing more.

by Arjun (few years ago!)
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