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Attorney Writes New Book On Litigating Minimum Impact Cases

Jonathan G. Stein, an attorney and former insurance adjuster, wrote a new book on litigating minimum impact soft tissue (MIST) cases.

by Jonathan Stein (few years ago!)
$115 Million Settlement With Swiss Bank On Enron Bankruptcy Lawsuit

As a settlement of a bankruptcy lawsuit, the Swiss bank for investments UBS AG will be paying creditors of the energy trader firm with $115 million.

by x (few years ago!)
Millions Of Chinese Brand Faulty Tires May Have Been Sold To Public

A lawyer who has Philadelphia clients alleging that Chinese brand faulty tires caused a tragic car accident last year indicated that there could be millions of the suspected tires sold all over the United States, far more that the initial estimates made.

by x (few years ago!)
Microchip Technology Files Piracy Case Against A Chinese Company

Microchip Technology, Inc. maker of semiconductor products announced that it will file charges against a Chinese company, which allegedly manufactures copied microcode and some other information that are proproprietary information of the company.

by x (few years ago!)
Disability Insurance: Sadly Overlooked By Many

According to recent reports, one-third of the workers in America are likely to become disabled for extended periods even before they reach the age of retirement.

by x (few years ago!)
Why Pay For It When You Can Get Publicity For Free?

Attorneys spend thousands of dollars on billboards and other advertising. But a news- guy-turned-publicity-agent says they could be getting it for free.

by Glenn Selig (few years ago!)
Iva Debt Help Solution UK

Debt Advice Portal, a new debt solutions provider, has launched offering brokers

by daniels (few years ago!)
?Millions Could Be Saved On UK Local Authority Construction Bill

South Yorkshire inventor dreams up ingenious kerb-protector

by Barbara Bassa (few years ago!)
RIL Today Appealed Against The High Court Order

RIL today appealed against the High Court order stopping it from selling gas to 3rd parties.

by Dipayan Mazumdar (few years ago!)
ValueNotes Releases ?Offshoring Legal Services To India: An Update?

The Indian legal services outsourcing space has changed remarkably over the last two years. Newer services have been added to the offshored list, many new vendors have emerged and several existing vendors have developed greater capabilities.

by Arpita Bedekar (few years ago!)
Temporary Restraining Orders Nuts And Bolts. Free Teleconference By Attorney TAMYKO GRAY On Wednesday July 11, 2007

Do you know someone verbally or physically abused? Or do you know someone who has a TRO wrongfully filed against them?

by Paul Cheng (few years ago!)
Local Girl Can Hack It In A Man?s World

Local girl Laurie Rowe of Sheffield has created a new and easy way of tightening the blade of a hacksaw, much to the surprise of her male colleagues.

by Barbara Bassa (few years ago!)
I Spy With My Little Eye

Security, Surveillance and Investigation services have been boosted throughout the Midlands, with the introduction of Greer IGS.

by Ian Butcher (few years ago!)
Helms Mulliss & Wicker Named A Top Corporate Law Firm

Helms Mulliss & Wicker, PLLC (HMW) was named one of the best corporate law firms in the July/August 2007 issue of Corporate Board Member magazine?s metro area rankings

by Mike Gauss (few years ago!)
Inventor-Net Partners With Local Solicitors? Firm

Sheffield and South Yorkshire inventors? incubation service, Inventor-Net, continues to grow and expand its offering to inventors.

by Barbara Bassa (few years ago!)
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