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The Morpheus Group host exclusive business event at Terminal 5

The Morpheus Group today held the 3rd in a series of exclusive round table business events, this time in conjunction with BAA, the world's leading airport operator.

by Mike Swetman (few years ago!)
Forceite, Inc. In Line With iPhone 4's Face-Time, Opens Up Live On-Site Interviewing for Those Seeking Software Developer Work and Biotech Work

As Apple looks to revolutionize the world yet again with their "face-time" capable iPhone 4, Forceite, Inc. joins the revolution by providing free live on-site webcam interviewing for candidates and clients registered with their site.

by Brenton Thornicroft (few years ago!)
Frontline Source Group Announces New Nashville Staffing Agency Office - Temporary And Direct Hire Employment Firm

Frontline Source Group Announces New Nashville Staffing Agency Office - Temporary And Direct Hire Employment Firm Frontline Source Group, Inc., has announced the addition of a new office in Nashville Tennessee. The premier Texas temporary staffing and direct-hire placement agency announced the beginning of a major expansion plan to open locations nationwide with the first office in Nashville.

by Jim Wilson (few years ago!)
Lisa Oswin Joins Beeby Anderon Recruitment

Beeby Anderson Recruitment, the specialists in Building Services Engineering recruitment agency have been joined by a new Office Manager- Lisa Oswin.

by Beeby Anderson (few years ago!)
Power International Announces, 1-Day Only Recruiting Event For California's Largest Energy Conference

POWER 2011 Conference & Exhibition is where the entire energy industry will gather to network, do business in 2011. If you are interested in working in renewable energy but have little or no experience, the POWER Job Fair is the place to start.

by San Gupta (few years ago!)
Pro.file Performance System Announces Significant Advancements to Pre-Employment Screening Tool

Pro.file Performance System, a leader in personality assessment tools, is proud to announce recent enhancements to its software's Auto Compare function. These changes will dramatically improve the ability of organizations to use the Pro.file Performance System as a pre-employment screening tool for recruits numbering in the thousands.

by Mike Moreau (few years ago!)
Executive Recruitment, UK, More Critical Than Ever In Light Of Recent Business Survey

Prism recruitment consultants offer their services in advertising and selection, executive search, database search, hybrid search and outsourced managed services in UK.

by Prism Executive (few years ago!)
Cloud Slam 2009 - The 1st Annual Virtual Conference

Cloud Slam 2009 is the premier international conference on cloud computing, networking, storage and analysis. The Cloud Slam Conference, which brings together leading companies and visionaries in business, technology.

by Cloud Slam (few years ago!)
Information Sharing And Collaboration With Cloudslam 09 Conference

The term Cloud Computing take us to the idea of a large cloud that bring us services in the same way that our personal computer does, but just as a real cloud, which navigates through the sky, this new term also presents a freedom.

by Cloud Slam (few years ago!)
Redrock Sales and Marketing Recognize Economic Upturn

Redrock Sales as a company are recognising an economic upturn. With so many statistics out there for people to read over and ponder, many of which are even conflicting in terms of the information that they convey, one would be entirely forgiven for thinking that the recession is actually over.

by Redrock Sales Marketing (few years ago!)
Redrock Sales & Marketing Helping Children In Need

Mark Hadfield, Richard Murphy and James Grogan are three people from the company Redrock Sales & Marketing.

by Redrock Sales Marketing (few years ago!)
Major Players and D&AD Offer Designers Digital Job Direction

Major Players and the D&AD are working together to improve career opportunities for candidates working in design jobs, starting with advice on moving their skills into the digital and online space.

by Major Players (few years ago!)
The Morpheus Group Is Delighted To Announce Its Support Of Backing Young Britain

The Morpheus Group is delighted to announce its support of Backing Young Britain, a national government backed coaching scheme designed to help Britain's young people find employment.

by Morpheus Group (few years ago!)
Cloud Computing Virtual Conference 2009

Cloud Slam decided to make it a virtual event, since travel reduction and improved decision making are two greatest drivers of visual collaboration and communications.

by Cloud Slam (few years ago!) Announces "THE FIRST CRY" Mother's Day Blog Contest is holding a Mother's Day Blog "THE FIRST CRY" Contest. Woman's can enter to win. Free Sign up.

by support chennaimoms (few years ago!)
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