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DuCool Increases Cogeneration Efficiency by Using Heat for Cooling

Distributed cogeneration systems increase energy efficiency to 80% by utilizing the waste heat released by the generation system for space heating.

by Steve Glad (few years ago!)
Fast Data Logger Featuring Remote Access

The autonomous data acquisition system meM-LOG-SE from BMC Messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) impresses by multifunctionality, compactness and mobile use. The remote data polling via modem creates independence from local conditions and allows fast analysis of breakdowns.

by Frank Schlenner (few years ago!)
CED Announces New E-Learning PDH Courses

Ced Engineering has released a series of new elearning courses for the professional engineer. These courses address the huge demand in this market for a cost effective way to train, keep skill levels updated and offer easily accessible course work.

by Mark Richard (few years ago!)
Calvada Surveying, Inc. Wins Large Scale Land Surveying Projects with Civil Engineering Companies

Calvada Surveying, Inc., a land surveying services provider of professional land surveying services throughout Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming (Western United States) has won some large scale land surveying projects with some large civil engineering companies.

by Dahlia Lugo (few years ago!)
CEO Paul Wood Appointed To Senior Executive Group

CEO Paul Wood appointed to senior executive group of the society of american military engineers.

by addy cameron (few years ago!)
CSP Survey: Industry Report Helps Reduce Site Selection Risks

EuPD Research, the leading market researcher in the field of solar energy, is publishing a broad industry analysis on solar thermal power plants. This primary data-based market report entitled Concentrated Solar Thermal Power (CSP) ? Now and in the Future is out now.

by Daniel Pohl (few years ago!)
SEPI Engineering Group Names Charlotte Program Manager

Kelly Hayes Joins Local Civil Engineering Firm.

by Patty Briguglio (few years ago!)
Vtronix Introduces A New Low Cost Electronic Dual Function Fan Control To Replace Thermal Time Delays

Vtronix Introduces A New Low Cost Electronic Dual Function Fan Control To Replace Thermal Time Delays Dual features include a fixed 1 second fan ON delay to eliminate thermostat bounce and a fixed 45 seconds (30 sec & 60 sec optional) post fan OFF delay in which the relay will be energized 45 seconds after the thermostat fan signal is turned off increasing efficiency by purging the air ducts of residual air.

by Russ Gerbich (few years ago!)
ITT Wins Contract For Irrigation Systems In India

ITT Corporation (NYSE: ITT), a leading provider of pumps and systems for transporting and treating water, has been awarded a contract to supply a number of high-end water pumps for two irrigation systems to the Andhra Pradesh irrigation project, the largest in India.

by Ketan (few years ago!)
New Breakthrough: First Validated Electrical Resistance Tomography System

Industrial Tomography Systems has developed a validated version of its p2000 system for the Pharaceutical and Life Sciences sectors.

by Michael Dunne (few years ago!)
Embedded CFD Helps Reduce Number of Thermal Prototypes from Up to 12 to 1

A good example of how the new generation of embedded CAD tools can save money and time by enabling design engineers to optimize the design from a thermal standpoint early in the design process.?

by Steve Glad (few years ago!)
Custom Magnetics Maker, Regional Manufacturing Specialists Inc Introduces New Winding Technologies For Transformers

Regional Manufacturing Specialists Inc, the N.H. based custom maker of transformers, inductors, coils, chokes, and box build assemblies, has broken new barriers in winding technologies by resolving the issues of multi-tension turns.

by Randy Makee (few years ago!)
Concepts NREC Announces "Understanding Green Energy" Course

Timed for Earth Day, Three-Day Seminar to Cover Basics of Renewable Energy Power Generation, Constructive Conservation, Carbon Dioxide Reduction and How to Apply for Renewable Energy Stimulus Funding.

by Donna St. Jean Conti (few years ago!)
Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC Moves Into New Manufacturing Facility

Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC today announced that its manufacturing factory in China, Jiangsu Dingqi Sci & Tech Co. Ltd., has moved into a new facility located in Yixing, China, and launched its redesigned website at

by Ken Kuang (few years ago!)
Triple 5 Announces Safety Recommendations For Power Plants

Triple 5 Industries announces recommendations to mitigate risks associated with dead air spaces of power boilers. Safety around dead air spaces has become an industry priority due to catastrophic events resulting from tube failures.

by Megan Humphrey (few years ago!)
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