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Work at a Business Center

Working at a Business Center has a lot of benefits compared to ordinary offices.

by Rieta Vanessa (18 days ago)

At De Soet Consulting networking plays an important role. There are many different people and companies at the Business Center, but working in the same environment brings them together.

by Rieta Vanessa (few months ago!)
ARTS demonstrates its technical expertise at SpaceTech Expo Europe 2017

Europe"s largest specialist trade show for space technology, SpaceTech Expo Europe, will be held from 24 to 26 October at the Bremen Exhibition Centre for the second time. ...

by Melanie Wolf (few months ago!)
Asahi Kasei launches R&D Center in Germany

05. October 2017 - On October 1st, Asahi Kasei launched its new R&D Center in Dormagen, North Rhine-Westphalia. ...

by Henning Küll (few months ago!)
A quick headstart

Renting office space at a De Soet Consulting Business Center comes with a lot of great benefits.

by Rieta Vanessa (few months ago!)
International law / International Relations, the Hideous Imposture of the West

1888 PressRelease - International law, on a theoretical basis, makes it possible to reach a consensus in the face of a dispute and to settle it amicably.

by Donald Hood (few months ago!)
Why Economy, Finance and Trade Insights Matter for Business Strategy

Orbis Research released a new research report on title ‘Why Economy, Finance and Trade Insights Matter for Business Strategy” Report covers Market, Status and Forecast, by Players, Types and Applications’ with detailed analysis, forecast and strategies.

by Hector Costello (few months ago!)
GKN recognized by Jatco with Regional Quality Award

GKN has been recognized by Jatco with the Regional Quality Award for over 15 months with a defect rate of zero PPM.

by Susanne Hütter (few months ago!)
HTS Global AG

HTS Global AG is well-known for its high-quality heating cables and their brand ThermTrace.

by Rieta Vanessa (few months ago!)
Connecting people

Working at GMC AG Business Center offers a lot of benefits, such as connecting with other companies.

by Rieta Vanessa (few months ago!)
Gosreports New Market Research about Global Lifejackets Market Research 2017

Gosreports New Market Research about Global Lifejackets Market Research 2017 Gosreports New Market Research about Global Lifejackets Market Research 2017

by Joanna (few months ago!)
Safe medications thanks to new test procedures

High-Tech Gründerfonds is investing EUR 600,000 in Reutlingen-based SIGNATOPE GmbH. SIGNATOPE will use the funds to advance the development of its unique biomarker assay system, that has been established to support pharmaceutical research. The technology is based on special antibodies and allows the early detection of possible side effects during the drug development process. Thereby, the need for animal testing will be reduced while the drug becomes safer and the process more cost-efficient. SIGNATOPE has already secured a number of renowned companies as clients of the new technique.

by Anja Pätzold (few months ago!)
“Efficient labour markets needed to reduce poverty & to reduce unemployment” Prof. Aman Agarwal

“Efficient labour markets needed to reduce poverty & to reduce unemployment” Prof. Aman Agarwal To create efficient labour markets, there is a need to setup a National Labour Exchange, urged Professor Agarwal

by Deepak Bansal (few months ago!)
Creditunion-Domains - the Domains of Trust

The Creditunion-Domain is to "provide a trusted, hierarchical, and intuitive namespace for entities that have a meaningful nexus with the credit union sector." The registry adds:" Such entities include but are not limited to, credit unions, credit union trade associations and leagues, credit union service organizations, regulatory bodies, and entities offering products and services aimed primarily at credit unions."

by Hans-Peter Oswald (few months ago!)
Together with the Machines

Industry 4.0 and IoT have been dominating the industrial space in 2017. "So far, these have been merely buzzwords," counters Dr. Sebastian Busch, Managing Director of PRUFTECHNIK AG. "However, our customers have changed in the last 45 years - that is correct. They are not linear anymore," Busch continues. However, PRUFTECHNIK"s path has always been linear for more than four decades now - always ahead as innovative driver, market leader, and providing a direct link between customer and solution. On the company"s 45th anniversary, we are traveling in time with you and open the door into the future.

by Christian Wanner (few months ago!)
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