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May Means Higher Postal Rates, But Chandler Advertising Remains Affordable

It was recently announced that May 14 will mark the next rate increase by the Postal Regulatory Commission - Fortunately for the businesses in Chandler, Arizona, however, there is an effective alternative available at the website, where Chandler Chamber of Commerce members are able to profit from the advertising that comes as a natural part of their membership

by Renato Rodic (few years ago!)
Investors: Don't Overlook The Humble Terrace

In a piece of news that may come as a surprise to some investors, it has emerged that the property that would have brought the best returns over the last ten years is the humble terraced house. Data collected by a building society has found that, on average, terraced houses have enjoyed more growth in value than any other form of property.

by Jimwatson (few years ago!)
Dave Janoff Joined Evalueserve As A Client Executive For The United States

The former Senior Vice President of PennWell Corp?s Advanced Technology Divison, Dave Janoff, has joined the global research and analytics firm Evalueserve as a Client Executive (CE) for the United States.

by prcc (few years ago!)
Will Chandler Feel The East Valley Budget Pinch

This year, the East Valley will need to prioritize it?s list of necessities this year, as state money will likely be cut back.

by Renato R (few years ago!)
Chandler Mall To Be Complimented By Urban Village

This new urban village is being called the Metropolitan of Chandler, and is designed specifically to attract people who want to have their living, working, and recreational space all within a short distance of one another.

by Renato R (few years ago!)
Political And Economic Research Council Releases Japan Credit Reporting Study

The Information Policy Institute, an applied studies center of the Political and Economic Research Council (PERC), has released a study examining the economic benefits of a full-file credit reporting system for Japan. The Political and Economic Research Council (PERC) is a non-profit, non-partisan think tank devoted to research, public education and outreach on public policy matters.

by Patrick Walker (few years ago!)
Wolf Commercial Credit Consulting Offers Solutions To B2b Credit And Collection Challenges

Wolf Commercial Credit Consulting Company, a premier consulting firm that specializes in Business to Business Credit policies and procedures, opened for business on February 23, 2007.

by Joseph D. Zaro, President (few years ago!)
Commercial Passengers Banned After Chandler City Halts Growth Of Airport

The city announced this weekend that the growth of the Chandler airport has been stopped, and the commercial passenger service will be banned altogether... Becky Jackson of the Citizens Bond Committee as well as the Chandler Chamber of Commerce ? which has recently opened its new online mall at ? was pleased with this decision...

by Renato R (few years ago!)
Burned Main Street Investors May Recover

Main Street investors who were abused by stockbrokers and investment firms have true, viable recourse utilizing cost effective, time efficient securities arbitration. Available in all 50 states, arbitration allows burned investors the opportunity to recover if they?ve been truly victimized.

by Caren Gellman (few years ago!)
ETF Market Experiences Record Growth, Shows No Sign Of Slowing, Sage Advisory Reports

The exchange-traded fund (ETF) market grew substantially in 2006 and new funds are being introduced at a rapid rate that suggests continued growth, according to investment management and financial advisory firm Sage Advisory Services.

by Laura P. Wright (few years ago!) Starts New Forum For The Tax Season

Debt Consolidation Care launches tax debt forum to help community members get their tax related questions answered.

by Ryan Smith (few years ago!)
$35 Billion In Lost Property Owed To Americans

It is reported that 8 out of 9 people have unclaimed assets or money. The nationwide total of lost property is estimated as high as $35 billion dollars owed to millions of people! Chances are most Americans or someone in their immediate family has money waiting to be claimed.

by Nicole Anderson (few years ago!)
BlabberMouth PR Launches Community And Economic Development Communications Program For Municipalities

In its quest to provide for cities, states and nations interested in increasing economic development, BlabberMouth PR has created a proven Community and Economic Development Communications Program designed to help these municipalities attract the groups and individuals that will help create and sustain the area?s evolution.

by Patti Hill (few years ago!)
?The Biggest Breakthrough In Economic Development Is Here.? TUC ? The United Cities Organization? Launches New Financial Mechanism That Will Radically Change The Lives Of Millions

?The Biggest Breakthrough In Economic Development Is Here.? TUC ? The United Cities Organization? Launches New Financial Mechanism That Will Radically Change The Lives Of Millions The Chairman / CEO Mr. Angel Cruz will be presenting the project details and will describe how ?Together, We are the answer?. The program will deliver and guarantee all participants a home, personal vehicle, full coverage health insurance, retirement plan and a minimum wage for the entry level employee of $10.25 per hour.

by Omar Encarnacion (few years ago!)
Las Vegas? Own ?The Grant People? Assist Organizations World-wide With Government Funding And Resources

Need help with a Government Grant, now there's a solution...The Grant People.

by Danielle Brown (few years ago!)
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