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Combat Veterans For Congress PAC Endorses Major Michael Crimmins, USMC (ret) for CA-53 Congress

The Combat Veterans For Congress PAC is endorsing a 12th Combat Veteran For Congress. He is a fiscally conservative candidate who will work at reining in the out-of-control spending by the Pelosi Congress.

by Michael Crimmins (few years ago!)
Smithstreet Paper Compares US and China Stimulus Packages

SmithStreetSolutions announced the publication of its whitepaper, examining the US and China?s responses to the financial crisis.

by Tina Dai (few years ago!)
New Website Fosters Entrepreneurship During Shaky Economic Times

Start-up web portal encourages aspiring entrepreneurs and bold investors to take a chance on small businesses offering help every step of the way.

by Natasha Verela (few years ago!)
9-Is-Mine Campaign Of Wada Na Todo Abhiyan Attracted Massive Participation In Orissa And Poorer States

In the second phase of 9-is-mine campaign on 16th-18th October Wada Na Todo Abhiyan (WNTA) could mobilize more than 6.6 lakh people to hold the government accountable to its promises.

by Siba Sankar Mohanty (few years ago!)
World Union SME Conference: Actions Instead Of Declarations

The Conference of WORLD UNION SME will be convened from 24th ? 25th February 2010 in San Marino. Up to date 25 major SMEs supporting organisations representing 18 Countries, among them India, USA, Nigeria, Malaysia, Israel, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Greece, Albania, Montenegro have registered.

by Norbert Knoll von Dornhoff (few years ago!)
Job Loss Mortgage Insurance: A Smart Investment In Today?s Economy

Job Loss Mortgage Insurance: A Smart Investment In Today?s Economy According to an article recently published on, job loss mortgage insurance serves to help homeowners continue paying their mortgage through a period of involuntary unemployment.

by Tom Lustina (few years ago!)
Calif. Payroll Processing Service Gives Away Free Cook Book to Help Families Hurt by Economy

This Calif. payroll processing service not only provides small business with flat rate, low-price payroll services similar to an in-house payroll department, but it has now announced the free distribution of a cook book designed to save hundreds on family food budgets.

by David M. Bresnahan (few years ago!)
Vietnamese Exports Leading Way to Country?s Economic Recovery

Vietnam leads way out of financial downturn as Ministry of Industry and Trade focuses on cheap exports sector to drive revival

by Nick Jonsson (few years ago!)
Boynton Beach Home Real Estate Market Experiences Uptick as GreyStone by G.L. Homes Sells Nearly 150 Homes this Year

One of the top 10 home builders in the United States, G.L. Homes notices Home Buyer Tax Incentive helping people buy new homes.

by Michael Gustman (few years ago!)
Tampa awaits word on $38M federal stimulus grant for Encore project

Tampa awaits word on its federal stimulus grand for Encore development project.

by ashley (few years ago!)
Transfer Pricing Associates, the leading provider of transfer pricing services, has published 'A Practical Guide to APAs'

This book introduces a pan-European APA applications standardized approach. The standard is based on the recent views shared by the EU Joint Transfer Pricing Forum addressing the need to establish common denominators for pan-European APAs.

by Jos Chrispijn (few years ago!)
Tampa's Urban Redevelopment Celebrates Area's African-American Musical Heritage

Development hopes to use $38M in federal stimulus to jump-start economy with 4,000 jobs in area where Ray Charles once lived.

by Ashley (few years ago!)
The Big Bad Bank Receives Support by the Web Community

The big bad Bank documentary series announced today that they have been receiving unprecedented support by members of the online community.

by George Hunt (few years ago!)
Vito Di Bari is represented for his speaking engagements by CSA Celebrity Speakers in Eastern Europe

Vito Di Bari, one of Europe?s most acknowledged futurists and the leading futurist in Italy is represented for his speaking engagements by CSA Celebrity Speakers. Prof. Vito Di Bari is the official Innovation Designer of Expo 2015 Milan?s Candidate City.

by CSA Celebrity Speakers Bulgaria (few years ago!)
Home Loan Modification with Forensic Loan Audit Stop Foreclosure

Home Loan Modification with Forensic Loan Audit Stop Foreclosure Homeowners have leverage in the campaign to stop foreclosures. Guardian Advocate Group, Llc has launched a new weapon against lenders to help in the home loan modification process called a forensic loan audit. These audits are performed by a CPA or an Attorney prior to submitting an application to your bank lender.

by Guardian Mods (few years ago!)
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