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Numerology & Energy Synergy

Joan lives in a house with a Personal Address Number of 4. Living at this address gives Joan the "energy" to be a good leader. If we take a quick look at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, we can see that it has a number of 7. The energy surrounding the Whitehouse is about control and leadership.

by Swetha Lodha (few years ago!)
Procrastination Worries Blown Away By Fearless Life Strategist

A United States life strategist is helping her clients become fearless and demolish their procrastination habits during National Procrastination Week. Coaching powerhouse, Lorraine Cohen, has just released her Fearless Audio CD, to spill the beans about fear and the procrastination it creates.

by Lorraine Cohen (few years ago!)
New Lattice Shaped Time Management System

Nathan Shaw today launched the TIME-Lattice Time Management System. A technique for time management that drastically improves the natural skill for managing and planning time.

by Nathan Shaw (few years ago!)
Professional Dreamer Week 2007 - March 25-31

This Week is designed to make it easy to stay focused on the people, events and things that benefit our lives! We?ve gathered every relevant resource we could get our hands on and are offering them to the world for FREE. The Week of the Dream is both an invitation to share in the quantum power of positive think-ing and the opportunity to develop a global community of shared vision.

by Patricia Baun (few years ago!)
Donald Gordon Carty And The Personal Development Institute Releases The Science Of Getting Rich ? The Book That Inspired The Secret

People around the world have been talking about a movie so powerful that it can change the course of your life. It has been the subject of two episodes on the Oprah Winfrey Show and Larry King Live. This movie, The Secret, was inspired by a book written in 1910 by Wallace D. Wattles. The Book "The Science of Getting Rich" has just been re-released.

by Donald G. Carty (few years ago!)
Re-Create Your Life Now

Become a Remote Viewer and Powerful Influencer of Reality Watch your Life and the Lives of Loved Ones Radically Change for the Better! Unleash your Higher Mind Potentials!

by Gerald O'Donnell (few years ago!)
Low Self-esteem Affects 85% Of Americans

Many people claim that they have sufficient self-esteem to achieve their goals, but the recent studies have shown that only 15% of population have high self-confidence. Edward Rybakov has launched new web site that provides latest methods and techniques to increase self-confidence and build high self-esteem.

by Karina (few years ago!)
Entrepreneurship Summit '06 At Iit Bombay On December 10th

Entrepreneurship Summit being organised by the Entrepreneurship Cell at IIT Bombay on December 10th.Involves workshops by speakers on various aspects of shaping your own startup.Ideal networking platform to make business acquaintances with budding entrepreneurs,academia,mentors,VCs and potential teammates.Launch of the global entrepreneurship Network, an online portal for entrepreneurs.

by pranshu (few years ago!)
Learn Powerful And Effective Stress Management Skills For Free

Learn Powerful And Effective Stress Management Skills For Free According to David Spiegel, a Stanford Psychiatrist, "Living a stress-free life is not a reasonable goal. The goal is to deal with it (stress) actively and effectively". (Newsweek 6/14/1999) In other words, you need more than just a few stress relief techniques; you need stress management ?skills?.

by Abbas Abedi (few years ago!)
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