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Health Care Crisis - Gives Family Health Care Benefits A Facelift With A Discount Medical And Dental Care Plan That Automatically Includes All Members Of The Household

In a planned change in company pricing, Ameriplan USA decided to eliminate their individual health and dental plans altogether during the mid 2007 season

by Micah Carter (few years ago!)
Morocco Newsline Announces Its Partnership With MATIC, A Washington Based Trade Association

Morocco Newsline, the first online, English language multimedia magazine announced today it has formed an exclusive partnership with the Moroccan American Trade and Investment Center (MATIC) an American based non-profit trade association.

by Karim Zouiyen (few years ago!)
Complete Range Of Storage Tanks Now Available For BioDiesel Grades B5 To B100

Leading online storage tank supplier, can now offer BioDiesel users a comprehensive choice of purpose designed tanks from market leading manufacturers, for the safe, secure and environmentally responsible storage of BioDiesel Grades B5 to B100.

by PD Breek (few years ago!)
Food Safety Expert Launches Home Cooking Safety E Book. Just In Time.

Food Safety Expert Launches Home Cooking Safety E Book. Just In Time. The fight against food borne illnesses and food poisonings in our country seems to be a losing battle these days. Executive Chef Victor A. Kromer IV & announce the launch of new home cooking safety EBook packed with proven tips and strategies to protect against the dangers that lurk in our foods.

by victor kromer (few years ago!)
A Popular Document Shredding Web Site Launches A Resource For HIPAA Compliance, an industry leading resource for secure document shredding services has added a new HIPAA compliance section to their web site.

by Glen Johnson (few years ago!)
Arrive Alive Is Now Available For Purchase In Alaska

The Arrive Alive Alcohol Breathtester is now available in Alaska through a new distributor

by Perry Cook (few years ago!)
Global Biometric Industry To Witness Remarkable Growth

The rising concern for personal and global security will drive the biometric industry to a new height, which provides feasible security and privacy solutions, says RNCOS report.

by Shushmul Maheshwari (few years ago!)
Agricultural Weather Forecasts Available As MP3

Audio presentations of agricultural weather will be available for broadcasters use without fee for a trial period. While presented as a national overview, localized products will be available for a fee.

by Al Peterlin (few years ago!)
Peat Moss Association Files Complaint Against Organix Over Use Of ?Repeat? Mark

Organix, Inc is an organic residuals management and marketing firm based in Walla Walla, WA. The company specializes in value added manufacturing of organic residuals resulting from renewable energy projects. RePeat? is a peat moss alternative created for the horticultural market and manufactured from anaerobically digested dairy manure.

by Russ Davis (few years ago!)
Autism Movement Therapy

Empowering Children with Autism through Music and Movement

by Dirk Foster (few years ago!)
Long Term Care Awareness Week (november 4-10)

Long Term Care Awareness Week (November 4-10) to Be Supported by Facts from Atlanta Expert and Colleagues

by Dick (few years ago!)
Window Seal Announces Contract With Southern Window Systems For Its All Metal Window Buck System

Revolutionary company will provide window bucks for a 700 window high rise hotel/condo currently under construction on International Drive in Orlando, Florida.

by Mike Moran (few years ago!)
Bobby G?s Pizzeria First To Sell Bionade Organic Sodas In Berkeley

In the city of Berkeley, California, Bobby G?s Pizzeria, a ten month old restaurant on University Ave., is the first retail establishment in Berkeley, and one of the first in the country, to sell what many consider to be the hottest, or hippest drink on the planet ? Bionade organic sodas.

by Robert Gaustad (few years ago!)
New UK Colour Print Franchise Launched To Recruit Agent Partners

New UK Colour Print Franchise Launched To Recruit Agent Partners ColourShare (tm) seeking agents & retailers in UK to register as sales partners

by Tony Mackenzie (few years ago!)
Structured Cable Products (SCP) Announces A Superior HDMI Cable For High Definition Audio/video Transmission Quality

Plasma and LCD Screens are only as good as the cables that connect them to their components. High Resolution screens demand AV cables that deliver high transmission signal fidelity. What good is the latest LCD or Plasma screen if the cable that connects it to the component does not allow for optimum video image and the highest audio quality?

by David Spiller (few years ago!)
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