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Earthlings Approve Of My Alien Penfriend

Rampaging, cruel invaders, set to bring devastation and destruction to our planet ? that?s your usual idea of aliens?..but non-alien Faiz Kermani?s debut novel ?My Alien Penfriend? will change all that! Easy to read and well-written, it?s the book that?s the talk of aliens across the galaxy!

by Faiz Kermani (few years ago!)
Rock ?n Roll Music Has Been Banned

Information on award nominated Karen Magill's second novel.

by Karen Magill (few years ago!)
Inventors Can Finally Get The Help They Need To Succeed Through Self-management

World Innovations is happy to introduce the release of ?Inventing A-to-Z? on Audio Book CD? Now available in stores everywhere!

by Phillip Bertolo/Lisa Ascolese (few years ago!)
International Support Site For Autistic People Shows Record Growth, an international website for people with various levels of autism has grown to over 7000 members in two years, according to Alex Plank, the web site?s cofounder.

by Alex Plank (few years ago!)
Acoustical Solutions, Inc. Is Now Offering Clearsonic Drum Shields And Vocal Booths

ClearSonic is the world leader in drum shield technology and offers the most durable products on the market. You can choose from our line of Isolation Packages consisting of a complete drum shield enclosure with a roof or you can make your own drum shield package by using an assortment of ClearSonic panels and Sorber Panels. Also there is a full line of vocal booths and accessories.

by Dave Ingersoll (few years ago!)
Australian Funeral Website Over Run With Sympathy Messages For Belinda Emmett

Belinda Emmett's friends and fans have flooded Australia's premier funeral website, with their messages of sympathy and condolance.

by Theo Tsiamis (few years ago!)
Wikimusicguide Picks Artist And Music Site Of The Week

WikimusicGuide will pick new upcoming artist, band or independent artist and small to medium music site to be featured on its homepage every week. Everyone is invited to vote for their favorites. Votes will be tallied prior to posting.

by Bienvenido David III (few years ago!)
Holidays 4x8 Photo Cards For 29 Cents Only At offers web service to allow users to Share Photo Albums & Ship High Quality Prints Worldwide. This holidays season, SnapGalaxy is offering 4x8 photocards at 29 cents.

by Keval Desai (few years ago!) Is A New Site Offering Services For Download gives services to download virtually anything from the Internet (for members), also offers direct database downloads.

by javier (few years ago!) Is A New Site Offering Services For Download gives services to download virtually anything from the Internet (for members), also offers direct database downloads.

by javier (few years ago!)
Do Yourself A Favor With The Universal Pyschic Guild's Psychic Advice

What's sadder is that most of the time, we create our own gutters, effectively shutting out the rest of the world. Few of us would admit we need help. Because we mistakenly think that to ask help is to surrender, to admit defeat, and to be a weakling.

by Carina Coderis (few years ago!)
Dance Competiton Culminates With R&b Singer Chris Brown Concert

Registration for dance competition to be held on Saturday November 11, 2006. Dance competition on December 22, 2006 at UIC Pavilion in Chicago. Dance Down 2006 features performance by Platinum recording artist Chris Brown.

by Deborah Gray (few years ago!)
Dr. Jacquelyn (jacquie) Brown-hadnot Is The Award Winner For The Best Books Of 2006 In The Category Of Best General Religion

In this dynamic book, Cry Aloud, Spare Not! You will discover: * What is Fasting & Why We Should fast? * The Fast that Hits the Glass Ceiling * The Fast God Has Chosen for You * What Happens When We Obey God? * What's Keeping You From Hearing From God? * Absolute Surrender to an Absolute God

by Jacquie Brown-Hadnot (few years ago!)
Actress & Stand-up Comedian Judy Dixon Has A "coffee Date"

Actress and stand-up comedian Judy Dixon (?The Talent Given Us?) is coming out in the upcoming gay romantic comedy ?Coffee Date? opening in Los Angeles, CA at the Regent Showcase Theatre on November 10, 2006.

by Kim Dixon (few years ago!) Helps To Create Short Links For Youtube, Myspace And Ebay

Contact Eugene Campbell, +972-54-5427826

by Eugene Campbell (few years ago!)
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