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Art & Entertainment press releases - 18886 news release online. And Announce Partnership and announce partnership between their services. ?Reel of the Month? contest will be the initial outcome of the partnership.

by BenP (few years ago!)
A Website That Sells Time

How do you increase traffic to your website? Simple,...Buy Advertising Time!

by Tom Cowe (few years ago!)
2007 Interfaith Calendar Is Project For Interfaith Bridge Building announces the availability of its free over-sized 2007 Interfaith Calendar highlighting a different religion each month and featuring the artwork of renowned artist, K.P. Singh.

by Paresh Desai (few years ago!)
Starlight Cinema's Pittwater Season Opens With Little Miss Sunshine

One of the best things about a Sydney summer is watching the latest and greatest movies under the stars.

by Jill Keyte (few years ago!)
Vm-productions? ?shades Of Day? Selected By Rutgers University For Inclusion In Its Cinema Studies Program

VM-Productions movie Shades of Day is selected by Rutgers University for their Cinema Studies together with the big movie classics. The students list their interesting impressions of the movie on VM-Productions web site

by Vitaly Sumin (few years ago!)
Mymovienetwork Is Announcing The "Big-Hits Film Contest" is announcing the Big-Hits Film Contest a monthly contest open to all filmmakers.

by BenP (few years ago!)
Gateway To Indian Industries - A New And User Friendly Way provides a new surfing experience for users wanting to know Indian industries. It provides unqiue listing of Indian companies to provide user friendly knowledge and links to visitors.

by Sandeep (few years ago!)
The Iron Snake By John Gaudet, An Unforgettable Saga Of A Railroad In Africa That Changed The Lives Of Millions

A novel that foreshadows what will happen fourteen years later with the outbreak of WWI and the bitter fighting between British and German colonial troops in East Africa. Gaudet captures the spirit and essence of the Victorian Africa of the British, of the Africans, and of the world?

by Mary Tobey (few years ago!)
Shauna Burns Releases Powerful EP Desert Tune

Desert Tune Is An Engaging Five Song EP

by Keith Hannaleck (few years ago!)
Noteborn Music: Tv Licensing For All Genres And New Online Store

Recently Noteborn Music Company Expanded Its Offerings To Artists

by Keith Hannaleck (few years ago!)
Ash Feels She Is Being Hounded

Aishwarya Rai and her family are amused and enraged by media reports claiming that a clarification has been issued about the supposedly drunken bodyguard?s high-handed conduct at the Pushkar temple last week when the actress paid a visit there. ?No such clarification has been issued because no incident took place at the Pushkar temple.

by john Smith (few years ago!)
Sonicjive Gives $25, 000 Away To One Lucky Band is holding a contest for NEW MEMBERSHIP! One lucky band will recieve $25,000 just for biend one out of the first 1000 bands to join the newest music site! One lucky fan will recieve $500 just for signing up (fee membership) creating a profile page!

by Angela Johnson (few years ago!)
Interview Michelle Rodriguez On Movieset

Movie fans have an opportunity to interview Michelle Rodriguez! Fans simply have to visit MovieSet's newly implemented forums at and post a question in the Battle In Seattle discussion topic. Michelle Rodriguez will be filmed answering selected questions and the interview footage will be posted at

by Clayton Mitchell (few years ago!)
Burnlounge Is Taking A Bite Out Of Itunes

After 1 billion downloads Apple has something to truly be proud of. But that pride may be short lived, as Burnlounge attempts to gain some of Itunes precious market share.

by Traci Boyle (few years ago!)
Grasping A Whole New Perspective On The Passion Of Storytelling

Greg Bumatay has put his passion to work.

by Greg (few years ago!)
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