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?Robbie Thomas Tours Presents? Internationally Renowned Psychic Medium Robbie Thomas Announcing 2007 US Tour Power Of Spirit Tour 2007 Coming To A City Near You!

One of the most talked about events in a long time! Robbie Thomas Tours presents Internationally Renowned Psychic Medium Robbie Thomas on his 2007 Power OF Spirit Tour!

by Robbie Thomas (few years ago!)
Smoking Ban Will Push 63% Of Offline Bingo Players Online

New report from St Minver states that 63% of smokers from offline bingo halls will go online to carry on playing creating new opportunities for the online bingo space.

by Rachelle Cornel (few years ago!)
Red Carpet Event For Eternal Productions At Citizen Smith This Tuesday.

Pretty Boy Promotions along with Craig Clemens and Michael Bellisario host the launch party for the up-and-coming indie film company Eternal Productions.

by Bianca Biagioni (few years ago!)
Hamza Davis Of Agile Marketing Solutions, LLC To Volunteer For The "Chocolate" Event To Benefit Cystic Fibrosis

Completing a successful campaign fundraising for Action Cycling Atlanta event to further Emory University Vaccine Center's Research for AIDS/HIV, "Chocolate" will surely be successful June 21 at Villa Christina in Atlanta.

by Hamza Davis (few years ago!)
Dr. John Demartini From The DVD "The Secret", Just Announced As A Special Guest Speaker At The Secret Of Action And Networking Days Event In Melbourne, Australia!

Dr. John Demartini From The DVD Dr. John Demartini who appeared in the DVD "The Secret" will reveal further secrets not disclosed in the movie at the next event of THE SECRET OF ACTION AND NETWORKING DAYS ( to be held in Melbourne, Australia on July 20th.

by The Sand Box (few years ago!)
Miss Honduras To Wear Evening Gowns By Latina Fashion Designer Icel De Jesus At Miss Universe 2007 Pageant

Miss Honduras To Wear Evening Gowns By Latina Fashion Designer Icel De Jesus At Miss Universe 2007 Pageant NYC based Latina fashion designer Icel De Jesus designed and tailored the evening gowns Miss Honduras will wear at the celebrated Miss Universe 2007 Pageant.

by Ledy De Jesus (few years ago!)
Finally! Five Minutes That Leaves Both Parties Satisfied

FastTrack Network, Double Your Business in 5 Minutes! Join the Hottest New Networking Group in the Valley. Get a week's worth of work done during happy hour!

by Jessica (few years ago!)
Ah-H-H-H! "How To Communicate With Difficult People" Workshop Reveals Tips And Techniques For Greater Harmony In The Workplace

Sue always responds with a frown. Frank doesn't respond at all. Mary acts as the go-between. Sound familiar?

by Wilfred Calmas (few years ago!)
Blissful Elegance Wants You To Let Your Inner Diva Shine!

What is a DIVA? a women of strength, confidence, she can walk in a room and demand attention without uttering a word, freeze your heart with a stare and turn your knees to jelly with a smile. Well ladies it is time to let you inner DIVA shine!

by Denise Best (few years ago!)
Sybase Organizes Mobility Road Show

The multi-city road show, themed 'Moving into the Unwired Enterprise' and targeted at Enterprises, will be held in United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait.

by Nirmala Dsouza (few years ago!)
Strategic Alliance For Canadian Creative Industry

Fourteen, a globally functional, creative media house is looking for strategic partners to venture into the North American market. With presence in over 10 countries, Fourteen forms the functional backbone for creative production of some of the top players in the corporate scene.

by Stanley Grace (few years ago!)
Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Workshop - Chennai, India

eXample Consulting Group announces its next SIX SIGMA GREEN BELT CERTIFICATION workshop in Chennai, India

by Sethu V (few years ago!)
Darklight Symposium Dates Announced

The Darklight Festival Symposium 21st - the 23rd of June 2007. Film, art, workshops, debate. If you are interested in art, film, design, music, Internet, technology - don?t miss this essential event!

by Linda Mc Grath (few years ago!)
The Next Voice123 Webinar To Be Held On Saturday May 5th

Nancy Wolfson and Anna Vocino will be presenting the free online seminar "The Power of YOU, Inc.: Work Your Brand to Get More Work".

by Franz Martin (few years ago!)
Consider Ripe?s Team Of Marketing Mavens For Your Next Product Launch, Promotional Event, Viral Marketing Multi-City Tour, Or Film Premiere Party!

Ripe parlays their innate ability to become immersed in any brand and tap into the mindset of the consumer into crafting unique promotional experiences and product launches that strongly resonate for the target demographic.

by Bess Devenow (few years ago!)
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