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Home furniture in chennai

Bringing value for money and to bring professionalism into this industry is our objective. We design your kitchens which are considered to be the heart of the house, the living rooms where you could entertain and relax, the bedrooms – a place of expression and peaceful sleep, dining spaces where you enjoy every meal with your family and the bathrooms which are aesthetically done to let your creative juices flow.

by Nivas (16 days ago)
Home furniture in chennai

Using our knowledge and expertise, we thoroughly evaluate every Project, discuss the client’s preferred design ideas, and then commence work. Our prices are very competitive and our service par excellence – you can rest assured that once hired we are always there for you! We offer a wide range of interior design& architectural services which include structural glazing, skylights, wall cladding, glass brick works and all types of false ceiling works.

by Nivas (16 days ago)
Increase The Beauty Of Your House With Modern Leather Chair

Increase The Beauty Of Your House With Modern Leather Chair Leather furniture is not only ultra comfortable, is sophisticated, very upmarket and, unless you have pets or a whole bunch of ultra naughty kids, is quite durable too.

by Kim Thompson (16 days ago)
Bed Linen Australia from Linenshed

Linenshed provides the best quality bed linen in Australia.

by Baudouin Deboulle (17 days ago)
This Popular Facial Cleaning Brush Gave Me Super Smooth Skin And Made Shaving Really Easy

The device comes with four attachments adept cleaning system for your face to toe. Washes away the germs and impurities making your skin clean, radiant and soft.

by Gurinproducts (17 days ago)
Insurtech and Customer Services: Lessons for the Incumbents

One of the largest emerging areas within insurtech in 2016 was the development of apps and devices that monitor how consumers behave and make purchases, mainly driven through IoT.

by Anurag (17 days ago)
Fluorotelomers Market Is Expected To Reach USD USD 539.3 Million By 2020: By Grand View Research, Inc.

The global fluorotelomers market is expected to reach USD 539.3 million by 2020, according to a new study by Grand View Research, Inc.

by Sherry James (17 days ago)
Fluoropolymers Market Will Be Worth $11.11 Billion By 2022: Grand View Research, Inc.

Global fluoropolymers market size was 720.8 kilo tons in 2014. Rising demand for the polymer for manufacturing semiconductors which are used in electrical appliances including computers and smart phones is expected to drive growth.

by Sherry James (17 days ago)
Modular kitchen in chennai

Modular kitchen in chennai Nivas Home Interiors - is committed to achieve the most desired designs by the client with a “turn-key” approach through their expertise.The designers successfully participate in projects from the initial concepts, plans with drawings, furniture and decorative item selections, construction document production, budgeting, project coordination – always with precision, professionalism, attention to detail, exceptional customer service and expert project management skills.

by Nivasinterior (18 days ago)
Reliability of at-home wrist blood pressure monitoring questioned

High Blood pressure is increasing now a day’s with the wrong lifestyle and food habits. People who suffer from high blood pressure usually measure the BP reading at home with the Blood Pressure Monitor

by Gurinproducts (18 days ago)
Curb the Dangers of Static Electricity with SDT Tiles

The performance and productivity of a commercial space heavily equipped with machineries and equipments greatly depends on the construction.

by Static Smart (18 days ago)
Why There Is Demand for the Antistatic Flooring and Its Specifications

For any decoration flooring is considered as one of the important aspect and everyone focuses on it.

by Static Smart (18 days ago)
Staticsmart is a Solution for all Static Related Problems

Do you want to purchase static free carpet for your office or home? The carpet is very easy to use that makes most popular product all over the world to get the quality interior looks at very reasonable price. It is very cost effective method that is profitable for you in many ways.

by Static Smart (18 days ago)
Get into Touch with Awesome Carpet Tiles to Cover your Access Floor

Access floor is something new that needs to be given a trial. Along with providing a highly beautiful appearance, it will also provide a duly comfortable feeling to the foot thus making you feel better.

by Static Smart (18 days ago)
Understand the Use and Need of Static Dissipative Carpet

It has been seen that a touch can pass electricity in any sensitive equipment, that can cause problems in the machines and sometimes it can destroy the working of the machine, processors. Dissipative carpets are made to prevent such issues.

by Static Smart (18 days ago)
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