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Automation Testing - Introduction of Selenium Testing Tool

Selenium is an arrangement of instruments that when assembled can robotize web UI testing in the most effective way. It is an opensource computerized testing structure that can be utilized to compose and execute test cases on an assortment of web programs, for example, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera.

by Infocampus (few months ago!)
ElcomSoft Tool Decrypts WhatsApp iCloud Backups

Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp is updated to extract iPhone WhatsApp backups from iCloud.

by Vladimir Katalov (few months ago!)
FreeSWITCHService Announces Customized Softswitch Solutions for VoIP Service Providers

FreeSWITCHService, a leading VoIP solutions provider and a subsidiary of Ecosmob Technologies Private Limited, has announced VoIP Softswitch solutions customized to meet the changing requirements of VoIP calling service providers globally.

by Hiten Dudhatra (few months ago!)
Automation Frameworks Use With Selenium Webdriver

A test automation system is a gathering of re-usable techniques which helps in mechanizing test process. In this article, automation test frameworks and Working with Frames in Selenium Webdriver is explained in detail.

by Infocampus (few months ago!)
SQL-RD Release 20161006 Now Available

ChristianSteven Software is proud to announce the release of SQL-RD version 7.3 build 20161006

by Marketing ChristianSteven (few months ago!)
What are the three major paybacks of Penetration Testing Services?

Suma Soft has been providing Best Penetration Testing Services for 17+ years. Our Penetration Testing Services help businesses identify potential risks to their web applications, websites and software’s; thereby conduct penetration testing to monitor and protect the computer system from malicious activities or attack of hackers.

by Michael Ja (few months ago!)
New Features in Java

New Features in Java  There are numerous new components that have been included java. There are significant upgrade made in Java5, Java6, Java7 and Java8 like auto-boxing, generics, var-args, java comments, enum, premain strategy , lambda articulations, utilitarian interface, technique references and so forth.

by raju (few months ago!)
Gihosoft Updates Free Android Recovery to V8.19 with Brand New Interface

Gihosoft Studio updates Android Data Recovery to V8.19 with brand new interface and more powerful functions.

by mindycheung (few months ago!)
Software Testing: More about Selenium WebDriver

Programming testing is the place everything comes down to. The present universe of innovation is totally ruled by machines, and their conduct is controlled by the product fueling it. Will the machines carry on precisely as we need them to? Every time? All over the place? The response to these inquiries lies in programming testing.

by Infocampus (few months ago!)
Temperature & Humidity Data Loggers Report 2017-2022 on Global and US Market Status & Forecast by Players, Types, Applications

Temperature & Humidity Data Loggers Report 2017-2022 on Global and US Market Status & Forecast by Players, Types, Applications One of the prominent feature of the research report is the company profile chapter, where numerous leading players of the Temperature & Humidity Data Loggers market have been examined. Also, their competitive landscape along with detection of chances of new players entering the market. The report mentions some of the top companies in the Temperature & Humidity Data Loggers market and studies their tactical decisions such as collaborations, mergers and acquisitions, investments, and new product announcements.

by Tarun C (few months ago!)
CRD Release 20170622 Now Available

ChristianSteven Software announcing the new 20170622 build 20170622 of CRD 7.1

by Marketing ChristianSteven (few months ago!)
Fans of Zuma Frog Can Cheer

Fans of Zuma Frog Can Cheer All game addicts, who can't imagine their lives without entertaining adventures of Zuma frog, now can easier find new and exciting adventures, as thanks to new gaming resource.

by Jason Vechey (few months ago!)
Brief Description about Applet

Applet is an uncommon sort of program that is installed in the website page to produce the dynamic substance. It keeps running inside the program and works at customer side.

by raju (few months ago!)
Securely Erase Any Optical Disc with Active@ DVD Eraser

LSoft Technology presents the second edition of Active@ DVD Eraser, a powerful utility for securely erasing rewritable optical storage discs.

by LSoft Technologies (few months ago!)
Eagle’s Team Released Some Business Tips on B2B Marketplace

According to a recent key account survey from Aliexpress Clone Script and Company, larger companies value service, support, and the overall sales experience

by Wahenoor kaur (few months ago!)
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