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Online Typing Championship For Beginner Typists And Experts

Increasing one's typing speed is more difficult than learning touch typing from scratch. There is a competitive and effective way now. Just participate in online typing championship, compete with other contestants from all over the world and monitor your progress.

by Sophie (few years ago!) Control 8.0 Released

FileView.Net Control brings a drop-in Windows Explorer-like file and folder browsing listview UI to your application complete with Thumbnails, Details and Group Views, AutoUpdate, dragdrop, icons, contextmenus, non-filesystem items, infotips.

by ssware (few years ago!)
China?s Desire For High-tech Phones Driving Software Demand

China software industry is on a boom. The burgeoning middle-class of China is driving the demand of smart mobile phones equipped with advanced software developed by Symbian.

by Shushmul Maheshwari (few years ago!)
Psp Download

Psp download website allows you to download media to your computer then transfer to your psp

by Jonathan (few years ago!)
Wow! Another Hit From Tagan Technology Co

Giving away Prizes!!!!

by Jack T (few years ago!)
Us Digital Fingerprint Identification Systems Market To Reach Us$160 Million By 2010

With digital fingerprint identification systems gaining momentum, their sales are expected to touch US$ 160 Million mark by the year 2010 in US.

by Shushmul Maheshwari (few years ago!)
Pick Up Your X-gifts At Music Morpher Center

To celebrate the greeting season 2006, AVnex Ltd. brings out a promotion program named ?Pick up your X- Gifts? for users and visitors to select their freebies from Music Morpher Center.

by Jenny Le (few years ago!)
.net Developer Software Charity Auction For African Country

Several software companies are auctioning off their products for the Wells for Zoe charity. The proceeds will go to benefit water conditions in several remote areas in Northern Malawi.

by Daniel Parker (few years ago!)
Lortu Software Announces The Release Of Software Components For Implementing Deduplication, Wafs And Wan Optimization Products

With these components any software or hardware company can enhance its storage, replication and WAN communication products, by providing them with the most advanced Byte-level Delta Deduplication Technology.

by Alejandro Arostegui (few years ago!)
Worldsharp 1099 Tax Software Enhanced

WorldSharp Technologies, Inc. Announces the WorldSharp 1099 Tax Form Preparation System with Electronic Reporting has been enhanced.

by Bobby Anderson (few years ago!)
Folderview Activex Control 8.0 Released

FolderView ActiveX Control 8.0 brings Windows-Explorer-like folder treeview control to your applications complete with AutoUpdate, dragdrop, icons, contextmenus, non-filesystem items, infotips, renaming. For Product Information, visit,

by ssware (few years ago!)
Blocking Internet Ads And Popups For Easier Internet Surfing. - 10/12-06

Tired of all those annoying popup ads, interrupting and spyling the fun of internet surfing, not for mentioning all spam ad aware placing unwanted files on your computer.

by Bob Jacobsen (few years ago!)
Maca&d 2.1 And Mactranslator 1.1

Excel Software announced Universal Binary editions of MacA&D and MacTranslator for system and software modeling. With this release, users enjoy native performance on either PowerPC or Intel based Macintosh computers from the same executable.

by Harold Halbleib (few years ago!)
Http:// Opens A New Era On Shareware Market

London, UK, December 15 - Online Media Technologies Ltd., a vendor of multimedia solutions, today launches, a new online project featuring up-to-date titles for most various needs about home video and audio management. Being unparalleled on today?s international IT market offers a breakthrough way of getting software.

by Alexandra Ovchinnikova (few years ago!)
Audio4fun Announces Christmas Bonus Scheme

Audio4fun (a.k.a. AVnex Ltd) leading provider of Voice Changer Software, Music Morpher, DVD Player Morpher and Webcam Morpher has announced their seasonal Incentive Program entitled ?Christmas Bonus Scheme?

by Kathy Le (few years ago!)
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