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#Crypto Christmas with wolfSSL 3.10.0, including #FIPS140

wolfSSL is releasing version 3.10.0 of its embedded SSL/TLS library. This release of wolfSSL fixes a low level security vulnerability and includes lots of great new features.

by Larry Stefonic (few months ago!)
Digiarty Software Hosts Big Winter Deals on Newly Revamped DVD Video Software

Digiarty Software is hosting amazing Winter Holiday deals, with discounts of 50% to 75% off top-selling and newly updated DVD ripper, DVD copy software, HD video converter, and more.

by Donna (few months ago!)
Be Tension Free By Using The Software License Management Tool

Set reminder of license renewal date by using the software license management tool. In this recent time, this is the main priority of every business organization. If organizations use the SAM solution, then they don’t have to worry about the software license compliances in future.

by Jason Stathom (few months ago!)
Digiarty Rolls Out the Most Efficient Solution to Convert HD/UHD WebM Video to MP3 Audio

Digiarty Software pushes out an ultimate solution for HD/UHD WebM to MP3 conversion via its awarded video converter software – WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe. Thanks to full support of new VP9 codec, this WinX video converter can help users obtain a resulting MP3 file from WebM in HD, even UHD with high fidelity audio.

by Donna (few months ago!)
T?? four t??? f?r choosing a web developer f?r your web site

Th?r? ?r? ??v?r?l important questions to ??k when choosing a w?b d???gn?r at Web design firm in New York f?r ??ur bu??n???

by Knack (few months ago!)
Four straight forward steps for a web design

Wh?n it comes t? th? ?tr?t?g?? placement ?f banner advertising, the ?ld ?r?v?rb "l??? ?? more" needs t? b? ???l??d to w?b

by Knack (few months ago!)
How to choose th? r?ght web developer f?r ??ur w?b ??t?

When ?t comes to ?h????ng the right w?b d?veloper at Web development companies in New York f?r ??ur web ??t?, you should

by Knack (few months ago!)
How to be a creative web developer

B? '?r??t?v? w?b design' with Knack, I r?f?r t? w?b??t?? wh??h ?t?ll have th? fun?t??n?l?t? ?nd r?l?v?nt ?nf?rm?t??n ??n?um?r?

by Knack (few months ago!)
Why There Is Need To Monitor Redshift Database?

Why There Is Need To Monitor Redshift Database? In order to be aware of all user transactions being conducted in your database, one should consider getting best possible Redshift monitoring.

by Levi Brereton Advertising (few months ago!)
Space Cleaner (Boost and Clean) App Review

Space Cleaner is a fast, small and totally cost-free app for Android, especially with NO ADS.It helps to clean upjunk files, boost phone, speed up to 80%.

by Jedi Sun (few months ago!)
Global mAb Biosimilars Market - Asia-Pacific is Expected to Lead the Global Market!

Biosimilars or follow-on biologics are generic versions of the biopharmaceutical products.

by hemanth (few months ago!)
How to automatically cross-promote and schedule blog posts on social media

Social networks are leading sources for blog traffic. However, every social media follows its own rules, and it can be tricky and time-consuming to promote content across all social channels, address different target groups and hit the rush hour of each network. This may sound like a lot of work, but in reality, it only takes a few clicks! With the WordPress Plugin Blog2Social smart social media automation for customized cross-posting and scheduling at the best times to post saves time and reaches maximum engagement.

by Stefan Müller (few months ago!)
Gratzeez is now available in India too from January 2017

Gratzeez is now available in India too from January 2017 A service provider should not be left untipped for his good service. Gratzeez mobile tipping app offers a unique way of giving tip to the service provider like restaurants, hair dressers, car service stations, valet parking, house painter etc.

by jorja Sturdee (few months ago!)
Try To Find Out Company’s Internal Problem And Solve The IT Risks

The organization should focus on the employees’ experiences and the users’ experience. May, your employees do not satisfy with the present application. That is why they try for an unapproved software and companies struggle with the various kinds of problem.

by Jason Stathom (few months ago!)
GCC Solar Equipment Market

GCC Solar Equipment Market The GCC countries are witnessing huge investments in solar sector in order to meet the growing demand for energy.

by Sharon Williams (few months ago!)
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