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74th Anniversary Of The Glorious KPA

The KPA was founded originally as the Anti Japanese Peoples Guerilla Army by President Kim Il Sung, a gifted military strategist and ever victorious iron willed brilliant commander. By using protean tactics and true military genius President Kim Il Sung defeated the million strong army of Japanese imperialism.

by Kim Chol Jin (few years ago!)
Rising Position And Role Of Non-Aligned Movement

The non-aligned movement, in order to fulfil its mission, should adhere to its basic ideas and principles.

by Kim Chol Jin (few years ago!)
Memory Of Victims To ?Case Of People?s Revolutionary Party? Honored

They held that the ?government? should probe the truth behind the case in a responsible manner and the security institutions and conservative media involved in the case should make an apology.

by Kim Chol Jin (few years ago!)
Instant University And College Prospectus Download Service To Launch

Leading prospectus order handing service OneUniForm is to launch a new PDF download service of university and college prospectuses from April 20th through a new section on its website. The instant download service which will not require students to register is designed to speed up potential university students? access to crucial information.

by Andrew Walker (few years ago!)
The Value Of Higher Education

As the average yearly cost?books and living expenses included?of attending a public four year college nears $13,000 a year, some people question whether or not a college degree is worth it. Add to that, the rising percentage of college students that leave school deeply in debt, and an education begins to seem like...

by Stephen Cook (few years ago!)
Cuomo Gains Momentum Investigating Student Loan Practices

More questionable student loan practices have been brought to light by New York?s attorney general, Andrew Cuomo. In fact, one of the front-page stories of today?s New York Times focuses on the questionable relationships that Student Loan Xpress?the eighth-largest student loan agency?has developed with the financial aid directors of certain colleges and universities .

by Patrick Sutton (few years ago!)
CompTIA A+ 220-604 Depot Technician Exam: New uCertify Practice Test Announced

uCertify, a trusted name in CompTIA Certification exam preparation tests, has announced the availability of Preparation kit (PrepKit) 220-604 for A+ Depot Technician Exam on April 30, 2007. Customers can pre-order this PrepKit till April 30, 2007 for only US$39.97 and save US$40 over its normal price of US$79.99.

by Roger Stuart (few years ago!)
?Place Of Refuge? In State Of Florida

The US newspaper Baltimore Sun wrote to this effect: We are striking blows at the Afghans thousands of miles away from us with a view to devoting our energies to the ?war on terrorism?. But thousands of terrorists may possibly be active among you here at home.

by Kim Chol Jin (few years ago!)
Thanks To Online Tutoring: Education Is E Now!!!

Outsourcing is here to stay in the online tutoring world. Flexibility in study time, low cost services, high quality education, experiential learning? this is all what American students and their parents want. And this all that American online tutoring companies have resolved to provide by adopting the smart way i.e. outsourcing!

by nishant sinha (few years ago!)
For People?s Sake

The first sanatorium was established in 1947, not long after Korea?s liberation. The country was short of any supply, owing to the 40-odd-year-long colonial rule of the Japanese imperialists.

by Kim Chol Jin (few years ago!)
LearningRx Provides Phonemic Awareness Assessments To Prevent Learning Disabilities

LearningRx provides phonemic awareness assessments to prevent many common learning disabilities. They have found through their own documented research and careful study that weak cognitive skills play a big part in learning disabilities, and phonemic awareness assessments assist in identifying potentially weak cognitive learning skills.

by Ken Gibson (few years ago!)
Less Cost, More Ease: That?s Online Tutoring Outsourcing For You!

It?s like profits minus the costs! Online tutoring outsourcing is working wonders for American students not just for school students but students in college, pre college and exam preparation levels. It is the destiny of tomorrows? education industry. We are there to welcome with our open arms!

by nishant sinha (few years ago!)
Kim Il Sung?s Feats For Global Independence

He fathered the immortal Juche idea and gave clear and perfect exposition of the urgent problems arising in the national liberation movement in colonial countries and in the building of a new society in newly independent countries.

by Kim Chol Jin (few years ago!)
A Cure For The Kiss Of Debt: Launches Debt-Free College Guide Launches Debt-Free College Guide Including Most Comprehensive List of Loan Forgiveness Programs: [], the leading resource for connecting prospective students with online education, announced the launch of the Debt-Free College Guide, a one-stop shop to help current, former and prospective students.

by Jenny Foust (few years ago!)
Jet Airways Special Fares Offer - Book Discount Air Tickets Online For Travel In India

Jet Airways brings to you a special airfare discount offer! Book your air tickets online before April 30, 2007 & enjoy flying on discount rates in India. Hurry! Special fares available only on air tickets booked online 5, 7 & 10 days before travel.

by Jetairways (few years ago!)
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