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Criminals In U.P. Politics

State whose population is more than Russia and Australia put together, are the constant reports about the large number of criminals contesting the Assembly poll.

by Ashish Mishra (few years ago!)
Judicial Watchdog Demands Commission On Ag Alberto Gonzales Promotion Of Bradley Schlozman After Schlozman?s Voting Rights Act Violations

David Price of IFFOC called for Truth and Reconciliation Commission over former US Attorney Bradley J. Schlozman?s Voting Rights Act violations in Kansas and Missouri.

by David Martin Price (few years ago!)
Miles To Go In Youth Affairs : HRD Parliamentary Standing Committee

The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, part of Human Resources Development has hardly fulfilled any of the aims and objects for which it was set up way back in 1982 at the time of the 9 th Asian Games in New Delhi.

by Ashish Mishra (few years ago!)
Helping Keep Teens Off Illegal Steroids. Support Steroid Free Bodybuilding. Is Printing "Steroid Free" Shirts And Raising Funding To Distribute Them To Gym Teachers And Sports Coache

Thousands of kids daily are trying Illegal Steroids for the first time. Steroid usage is so prevelant in High Schools & on sports teams. Some kids even get steroids from their fathers who want them to, "perform better" in sports.

by Curtis (few years ago!)
Rebel Business Supplies Established Government Contracts For Office Supplies

Since this April local Governments are allowed to purchase outside of their contracts, Rebel Business Supplies, one of the leading office suppliers on the UK's market established several Government contracts for office supplies.

by Mark Dodson (few years ago!)
Are Centre's Ties With States Under Strain Or Cordial?

The Union Government has set up a new commission to review its relations with the States as it feels that the recommendations made by the Sarkaria Commission 20 years ago and implemented then have become outdated.

by Ashish Mishra (few years ago!)
Know About Chongqing International School

Students at Yew Chung International School of Chongqing are exposed to both eastern values and western culture so that they grow up as global citizens. For more information kindly visit

by Yew Chung Education Foundation (few years ago!)
Yew Chung International School ? Hong Kong

Students at Yew Chung International School of Hong Kong are exposed to both eastern values and western culture so that they grow up as global citizens. For more information kindly visit

by Yew Chung Education Foundation (few years ago!)
Over 2,000 Minnesotans Join Grassroots Effort To Stop Double Lawsuit Law

Just two weeks after its launch, over 2000 Minnesotans have joined Minnesotans Against Fraud and Higher Insurance Costs to urge the legislature that they oppose the double lawsuit bills sponsored by the Minnesota Trial Lawyers Association that would raise cost of insurance for consumers.

by No Higher Rates (few years ago!)
RapidRedact Riding Massive US Upsurge In Redaction Demand

With the US redaction market being driven by competing Freedom of Information and privacy compliance issues, New Zealand-based software house, Onstreamsystems, is seeing a massive upsurge in demand for its industry leading RapidRedact? product.

by David Webb (few years ago!)
Invisible Children -Local Teen Making A Difference Invisible Children Uses National Awareness Event To Transform Apathy Into Activism

Invisible Children hosted a nationwide event called ?Displace Me? to raise awareness about the Internally Displaced Persons? (IDP) camps and the effects of the 21-year war in Northern Uganda. Invisible Children is a media-based non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring and educating youth around the world, creating lasting social change.

by Invisible Children (few years ago!)
SFL + A Architects Announces New CAD Technician

Robbie Ferris, president and CEO of SFL + a Architects, has announced that Cindi French has joined the firm as a CAD Technician.

by Patty Briguglio (few years ago!)
Kalamazoo Security Print Supports Bursars In The Strategic Management Of School Finances

Clare Crawford, Senior Administration Officer at Foxfield Primary School in Greenwich is using Kalamazoo Security Print?s ( secure cheques in conjunction with the SIMS financial management system from Capita Children?s Services to support her strategic management of the school?s finances - increasing efficiency while protecting against identity theft, human error

by Louise Peto (few years ago!)
BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus Curtain Raiser

Success of an Institution undoubtedly begins with believing in one?s worth, trusting one?s insight, nurturing oneself, having a goal, devising the right strategies and spreading one?s wings.

by BR NATARAJAN (few years ago!)
Distance Learning In The K-12 Classroom

Last week, the results came in on a study that the Sloan Consortium conducted: the study found that 63% of k-12 schools have one or more students enrolled in either a fully online course, or a hybrid course that combines classroom learning with distance learning.

by Patrick Sutton (few years ago!)
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