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Launching this week, Brown & Yellow International Holdings presents their first iPhone game, "Pee & Poo Save the World"

Pee & Poo Save the World is an iPhone game that follows a pair of superhero excrement in their epic quest to stop sinister aliens from abducting Earth's baby animals. Play as both Pee & Poo, chucking weapons like pee balloons and fart bombs at the Alien menace. Travel to far-off lands like underwater and the desert. Say "awwwww" to adorable baby animals. Most importantly, enjoy all the farts!

by Peter Cortez (few years ago!)
Grouptime Iphone App Offers Instant Group Messaging, Sharing and Status Updates

grouptime is a new kind of messenger for mobile devices that lets users instantly share and privately communicate with the people and groups in their life. The free social messaging app serves as a private, real-time social network and enables users to instantly exchange status updates, messages and photos with the people they choose.

by Tobias Stepan (few years ago!)
Putler.com unveils iOS version of its flagship PayPal Transaction Monitoring Tool

Putler.com is pleased to release an iOS app for iPhone and iPad to help PayPal Merchants gain valuable insights and statistics on their PayPal Transactions on the go.

by KerryPreston (few years ago!)
Wacky Wisdom Pty Ltd Releases New Innovative iPhone App

WACKY WISDOM PTY LTD is an Australian well-being company aimed to develop products and services that promote productivity, happiness and well-being.

by Ehsaan Sakhee (few years ago!)
Get caught up in a good time by shooting down some aliens in Alien Raid

Korean based Wizdom Studios today announced the recent update of Alien Raid iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices running on iOS 4.0 or later. Overhauled to fix a number of minor bugs and improve gameplay, Alien Raid throws players into strategic shooting mayhem, challenging them to defend their cartoon world from one onslaught of annoying aliens after another.

by Michael Shin (few years ago!)
Turn photos of friends into an FX playground with Face Bender for iOS

New Hampshire based NHiGames today announced their excitement over the long-lived success of Face Bender on the Apple App Store. Face Bender is a clever photo effects app that lets anyone distort, stretch, and twist portraits of themselves or others. Users can even add goofy cartoon images including noses, hats, eyes, and more, integrating them right into their photos!

by Brian Gosselin (few years ago!)
Avila Business Centers launches video podcasts in the iTunes

The physical and virtual offices company opens another Web based communication channel now on the Apple iTunes store, with free subscription of podcasts.

by Maria Goncalves (few years ago!)
Egg Madness II- The Madness Enhanced

B24 e Solutions iPhone games & mobile apps Development Company based in India, publicize to launch new version of fun filled iPhone game app "Egg Madness", play and enjoy different stages of fun and madness with your iPhone/iPod touch.

by Swet Nath (few years ago!)
iPhone RPG - Urban Rivals takes top spot

Role-playing games or RPG's have been increasing in popularity over the past decade. They are games in which you take control of fictional characters in a fiction setting. Now a new iPhone is set to lead this genre.

by urban rivals (few years ago!)
99Games announces the release of Prison Mayhem for the iPhone

An exciting Time Management game, which puts you in control of a dangerous prison.

by Anila (few years ago!)
Protect your files with My Secret Folder

Bright AI Ltd. has announced the recent update of My Secret Folder, their lifestyle app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. My Secret Folder was created to help users conceal a folder and its contents. It provides you with an easy and fast way to protect documents and avoid them being seen, modified, or erased by other users. The program is simple to use a

by David Lane (few years ago!)
Oakwood Asia Pacific Launches Neighborhood Iphone App

The first serviced apartment brand to develop a mobile application that allows guests to connect to their Oakwood neighborhood.

by Genny Puno (few years ago!)
3D Plus - Glasses-Free 3D for iPhone 4 - Kickstarter project

In the search for alternative funding 3D plus has started a Kickstarter project. For those in the know, Kickstarter.com is a place where creative projects can look for funding. Turn your iPhone into a 3D viewing and gaming platform with a simple plastic film over the screen.

by Rebecca (few years ago!)
WaterRipper Game: Experience the motion physics phenomena and innovative water play of theWaterRipper on your iPhone

RipperBall.com Sports and Mobile App Developer Social Jitney Inc. introduces TheWaterRipper™ Game for iPhone platform. "The game is based on the world selling WaterRipper™, a fun and safe watersport toy debuted at the NY Toy Fair in 2011.

by damonjim (few years ago!)
"Tiny Bee" available for download on the Apple App Store as of September 16th

Right on time for the weekend, "Tiny Bee" will be ready for download on the Apple App Store. After the great success on several Android platforms, the popular game is now finally available for iPhone and iPod touch, too.

by Jens Piesk (few years ago!)
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