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To BASEJump or To Skydive?

To BASEJump or To Skydive? The desire for flight has allowed our civilization to find ways of getting itself airborne. So why would you want to come crashing back to earth? Why not?

by wilsonmary (last year!)
Cycling Options While on a AMA Waterways River

Those who have travelled to Europe will agree to the fact that there are many people riding bikes on the road.

by Jan Baumgartner (last year!)
Surfing, Standup Paddleboarding Doctor Teaches People How to Increase Performance and Avoid Injury

1888PressRelease - After years of successfully applying an approach developed specifically for surfers and standup paddleboarders in his medical practice, Dr. Marc Adams wanted to be able to give more people access to his approach than he could through his practice alone.

by Donald Hood (last year!)
Dr Ara Appears on Morning Drive with How to Deal with Jet Lag

Dr. Ara Suppiah Author, Sports Medicine Doctor, and Chief Medical Analyst NBC Sport Golf Channel shares with TV host Cara Robinson from Golf Channel’s Morning Drive How to Deal with Jet Lag and How to keep Jet Lag from ruining your next golf trip.

by Dr Ara Suppiah (last year!)
French/American Pro Wakeboarder Julian Cohen Advances to Finals at FISE

Professional Wakeboarder Julian Cohen, the ever-popular French/American, has advanced to the final round at the FISE competition in Montpellier France. Julian took first in his heat and is striving to repeat last year’s victory by getting on the podium again this year. Julian is a crowd favorite for his abilities on and off the wakeboard and always taking the time to talk to fans.

by Randy Borrell (last year!)
State Farm Agent Jill Henning Joins Lakeville North Sports Booster Club as Official Partner

The Lakeville North Sports Booster Club announced today an athletics sponsorship between State Farm Agent Jill Henning, Lakeville North Sports Booster Club, and Lakeville North Girls Soccer.

by Jeremiah Johnson (last year!)
A New Book, "The Business of Rugby", Looks at Professional Rugby in America

A New Book, Rugby can be America’s next professional growth sport. A new book, “The Business of Rugby” , looks at the opportunities that exist for early adopters and models for creating successful professional teams in America.

by Gregory Tanner (last year!)
Thomas Anthony Guerriero to establish a Strong Revenue Stream for the Future

Thomas Anthony Guerriero, a former professional Athlete and the CEO of Oxford City Club is planning to increase revenue and EPS to build a strong financial future for the company.

by Thomas Anthony Guerriero (last year!)
National Ruby Post unveils

National Ruby Post unveils National Rugby Post unveiled it’s new rugby property Rugby World Stage. The website is a creation to help promote National Rugby Post’s participation in the coming Rugby World Cup.

by Mary Ellen Miller (last year!)
Thomas Anthony Guerriero Offers new coaching sessions to the Lions

Oxford City Football Club Inc, a diversified holding company founded by Thomas Anthony Guerriero, introduces a new programme to train the Lions, one of the top teams in England.

by Thomas Anthony Guerriero (last year!)
NYC Skeeball League to Host Skeeball National Championship April 11, 2015

Skeeball teams from around the country come to NYC to crown a Skeeball Champion.

by Giovanni (last year!) Introduces Precision Motorcycle Gear Online Store Introduces Precision Motorcycle Gear Online Store is a specially designed online store that facilitates customers to find everything related to Motorcycle gear& special designer biking outfits.

by DaijonKarl (last year!)
Thomas Anthony Guerriero closes the deal with AlvaEDU that provides smart education solutions

Thomas Anthony Guerriero has successfully acquired the assets of AlvaEDU education services thus leading CIT University towards becoming advance education provider.

by Thomas Anthony Guerriero (last year!)
Everything About Your Sports Bet

Everything About Your Sports Bet Sports are one of the most popular forms of entertainment all across the world irrespective of all ages and continents. Since our childhood we have been associated with some form of the sports or other and as and when we get time we love to play that sport.

by Abigail Kelly (last year!)
Enjoy Your Snowshoeing Experience with Snow Gaiters from Black Crystal Online

Enjoy Your Snowshoeing Experience with Snow Gaiters from Black Crystal Online Black Crystal Online offers an entire range of gaiters for snowshoeing and hiking activities that offer ultimate comfort and protection.

by PaoloSherman (last year!)
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