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Simplify Your Student Life With Lectures Scanner On Android

Russian based mobile application developer STOIK has announced the release of Lectures Scanner for the Android devices running on 2.2 and up. Lectures Scanner is a wildly practical scanner & note taking solution for modern high school & college students, this application offers users a centralized academic hub where they can scan, upload or send any lecture notes quickly, manage multipage docs.

by Harchenko Dmitriy (few years ago!)
Caricature Me - Photo Deformer Brings Gorgeous Caricature Effects Right To Your Android Camera

Russian based mobile application developer STOIK has announced their excitement over the recent update of Caricature Me - Photo Deformer for the Android devices running on 2.2 and up. Caricature Me is a dynamic photo editing utility that gives users the power to create caricatures and crazy photos with a variety of diverse filters and effects in real-time.

by Harchenko Dmitriy (few years ago!)
Start Shopping Smart With Ultimate Shopping List

Australian based mobile application developer Custom Mobile Apps Pty Ltd has announced the recent release of Ultimate Shopping List for Android devices running on 2.1 and up. Ultimate Shopping List is an organizational shopping resource that helps users create customized shopping lists, assists in tracking date of purchase as well as the quantity of purchase and much more.

by Daniel Plit (few years ago!)
Refill Your Cell Phone 24/7 Online With Comfi Cell Prepaid Refill on Google Play

Wellesley based ComFi Inc. has announced the recent update of Comfi Cell Prepaid Refill for Android devices running on 2.2 and up. A Prepaid Wireless Recharge Service tool that's as practical as it is intuitive, Comfi Cell Prepaid Refill is a hassle-free solution for users eager to recharge and refill their US prepaid cell phones.

by Jusun Lee (few years ago!)
Let Your Young Ones Experience Stories That Help Them Grow W/ Joy Tales

Swiss based Desdoo today announced the recent launch of Joy Tales for the iPad. A unique storybook geared to help children develop happily, this app provides young users with twelve diverse stories, with each tale designed to encourage kids' positivity in their first few years of life.

by Saschia Masini (few years ago!)
Let Loose And Go Treasure Hunting On The App Store With Funky Bee

Denmark based Funky Bee Games today announces the release of Funky Bee onto the App Store. An awesome new adventure experience, this game gives players the opportunity to go treasure hunting across dozens of diverse locations, play through fun mini-games, and put their thinking skills to the test throughout innovative puzzle challenges.

by Claus Topholt (few years ago!)
Turn your iPad into Golf computer with GolfSites Recap

Hong Kong based Mooee has announced the recent release of GolfSites Recap™ for iPad. GolfSites Recap™ is the official accessory App for GolfSites, that gives users the power to access automatically all statistics information, view scores and histories, track the path of one's shots and much more.

by Mikael Bardot (few years ago!)
Discover people's character with Face Reading Booth on iOS

Hong Kong based RGamma has announced the release of Face Reading Booth the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. This unique app lets users analyse people's face and detect various person's positive and negative traits of their character, based on real face reading techniques. The app also offers several different face reading modes as well as many other useful features. Users are free to save one's face.

by Eliza Li (few years ago!)
Next Gen Mobile Slots Arrives With Moarbile Slots On Google Play

Russian based Moarbile LLC has announced the recent update of Moarbile Slots for Android devices .This exciting game charges players with gathering up as many coins as they can by stopping a casino themed slot machine at the right moments to activate the virtual coin pusher's arms, receive bonuses, and get the highest score possible. Updated game physics tuning, improved overall app performance.

by Anton Del (few years ago!)
Sketch Your Business Pitches Like A Pro With Whiteboard Mojo For iPad

California based Viz Mojo Labs today announces the release of Whiteboard Mojo for the iPad. A unique new business resource, this app was created to help tech savvy professionals, software developers & everyone in between implement visual aids & sketches for their presentations with ease. Whiteboard Mojo lets users create diagrams & other info-graphics in a flash.

by Milly R. Sonneman (few years ago!)
Football Strategy Has Never Been More Fun With Football Tactics

Wroclaw based Coreproject sp. z o.o. today announces the recent update of Football Tactics available for the Android devices. Football Tactics is the first mobile turn-based football strategy game on the Google Play market. This dynamic football strategy learning application is the perfect solution for football fans and not only to enlarge their knowledge in football tactics.

by Maciej Grabowski (few years ago!)
Create an Army Of Monsters & Save The World w/ Dark Summoner For Android

Japan based Ateam Inc. today announces the launch of Dark Summoner onto Google Play. Originally a #1 downloaded and selling RPG game on iPhone, Dark Summoner throws players into a bitter war against hundreds of ghastly beasts, ghouls, and Legendary Dark Lords!

by Brady Mahagan (few years ago!)
Visualize your ideas and create a creative world with SketchStorm on iOS

Ontario based InsightBet Art of Technology has announced the recent release of SketchStorm (Idea Button: your idea can be life-changing) for the iPad. A unique new business resource, this app was created to help designers, artists, architects and everyone in between implement visual aides & sketches for facilitating & composing conceptual ideas, informative graphics & sketches with ease. This is the business presentation aide simplified & magnified in efficiency and it is finally here on iPad.

by Yang Li (few years ago!)
FreeAppWin iOS app now supports more countries - win up to $500 in free daily contests and tell friends to win $1000

Released less than a year ago, FreeAppWin has passed over 1,000,000 installed users on the iOS App Store. "The feedback from users has been staggering," said Jason Morris, head of marketing and user acquisition for TapGen. "Users just love getting free prizes; users enter our contests every day and come back for more."

by George Pogostin (few years ago!)
Keep and Share your photos securely with Encrypt A Pic on iOS

Arlington based Light Paint Pro has announces Encrypt A Pic 1.0 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Encrypt A Pic was created to help users save and send their images securely. It provides users with an easy and fast way to protect photos and keeps them from being seen, modified, or erased by other users. The program is simple to use and photos can be protected with a password for extra security. Encrypt A Pic is available now for free on the App Store in Photo and Video category.

by Jeff Paradiso (few years ago!)
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