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A New Approach To Treating The Sensory Problems Of Autism

Autism has become the 'hot potato' of the 21st century. The rise in the number of cases being diagnosed, (now estimated at nearly 4 in every thousand children born), and the argument as to vaccine implicated causation has ensured that if the average member of the public has heard of only one disability, it is more likely than not autism. The question is, what can be done to treat the problems.

by Andrew Brereton (few years ago!)
New Online Disability Community

Online community for persons with disabilities, Disabled World, announced today the opening of their new online community for people with disabilities and health problems.

by Ian Langtree (few years ago!)
Wheelchair Clinic Being Held For Ontario March Of Dimes In Kingston Ontario

On Thursday, July 10, Ontario March of Dimes in partnership with Motion Specialties will be holding a wheelchair clinic and will be repairing mobility equipment.

by Darren St.Romain (few years ago!)
Disaboom Offers Jobs To Social Network Community Members To Tackle High Unemployment Rate For People With Disabilities

Premiere Online Community for People Living With or Touched by Disability Employs Disaboom Community Members in Newly Launched Sales Force.

by Shannon Fern (few years ago!)
Dento Bathlifter Is Available At Discount Mobility Shop

Dento bathlifter is available at Discount Mobility Shop at a discounted retail price of ?357.00 which includes a discount of 40%. Customers who are interested in purchasing the product can visit their website and make the purchase online using the secured Google payment gateway available in the website.

by Sales (few years ago!)
Chrysallis ? Close To Disability At The 2nd Meeting Of ?How To Talk To Be Understood? Project For People With Autism

Chrysallis ? Close to Disability will participate in the 2nd meeting of ?How to talk to be understood? project that will take place on 31/05/08 to 01/06/08 in Milan, Italy. During the meeting information will be provided on the process of the project.

by Eleni Aikaterini Peter (few years ago!)
CAI Conference To Discuss New Regulations For Military Families

Assistant Labor Secretary Victoria Lipnic and other experts talk about Family Medical Leave Act and new employment laws at CAI?s annual Employment and Labor Law Update.

by Alison Beckwith (few years ago!)
Disaboom Expands Parkinson?s Disease Resource Section

Online Community Provides Information on the Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment for Parkinson?s, One of the Most Prevalent Diseases in the U.S.

by Erik Keith (few years ago!)
Lupus Awareness Month Is May And RocknBauble.etsy.com Announces Its Support

Lupus Awareness Month is May and RocknBauble.etsy.com announces its Support of Lupus Awareness Month with a Donation of 10 Percent of the Proceeds from the Sale of its Lupus Awareness Jewelry.

by Andi Beads (few years ago!)
Marlee Matlin Of ?Dancing With The Stars? Talks With Disaboom

Visit disaboom.com to Read Matlin?s Story of Inspiration, Challenges and Dealing with Discrimination.

by Erik Keith (few years ago!)
New Treatment For Cerebral Palsy And Other Developmental Disabilities

A new treatment regime for children with cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities has been developed by Snowdrop Child Development consultants. The treatment is called 'neuro-cognitive therapy' and is presented in the form of a programme, which families carry out at home for several hours per day.

by Andrew Brereton (few years ago!)
World Media Television To Produce Segment On Improving Quality Of Life For The Disabled On The World Progress Report With Joan Lunden

In the united states today, there are 54 million men, women and children with disabilities.

by Chad Densen (few years ago!)
Exceptional Risk Advisors, LLC Releases Disability Income Limits To $150,000/month For Physicians, Surgeons, & Specialists

Exceptional Risk Advisors, LLC announces the launch of "Physician's Edge365", providing Physicians and Surgeons with increased disability income protection limits to $150,000 per month, filling a deep market void.

by Mark Sutherland (few years ago!)
Allsup Outlines Why Accounting For Social Security Disability Benefits Is Essential For Sound Financial Planning

Allsup examines the overall importance of Social Security Disability Insurance on the financial well being of individuals and their families.

by Mark Sutherland (few years ago!)
Allsup Inc. Reviews The State Of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) In 2007

The SSDI program is in the midst of a growing crisis. Waitlists are growing and staffing is shrinking -- and steps must be taken to ensure that Americans with disabilities have access to the benefits for which they paid. Allsup Inc. offers this review of the current state of disability insurance in the U.S.

by Mark Sutherland (few years ago!)
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