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Superbrands To Celebrate UAE?s Strongest Brands

The world?s independent arbiter of branding will also announce the ?Brand of the Year? award at the Superbrands tribute event.

by Nirmala Dsouza (few years ago!)
SafeTec The Makers Of The XDeck Are Launching A National Television Infomercial

SafeTec the makers of the XDeck are launching a national television infomercial. The XDeck is a safety work platform that will allow homeowners and businesses to be safer and work more efficiently. The X-Deck is a hybrid ladder scaffolding that has won numerous safety awards. The national infomercial will be the first time the X-Deck has been advertised on TV.

by Chris Seaman (few years ago!)
Arbor Mountain Cleaning ?a New Standard Of Technology Management

The traditional stage of technological knowhow is shifting towards greater levels of integration amongst a wider range of industries. Arbor Mountain, a cleaning company based in Austell, GA, aims to improve operations through streamlining customized service offerings and reducing administrative staff costs typically associated with a growing customer base.

by Remington Smith (few years ago!)
Top Arab Banker Speaks At World's Premier Money Laundering Conference In USA

More than 1,500 attendees from the United States and 40 countries have signed up to the Money Laundering Alert 13th Annual International Conference at the Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa in Hollywood, Florida March 17-19, 2008.

by hany abou el fotouh (few years ago!)
Flash Drives, A Large Piece In The Eco-puzzle

USB Source?s new NAND Flash requires less than 2% of the energy compared to energy consumption of conventional CD technology.

by Peter Thomas (few years ago!)
Automated Online Business Does The Selling, Mentor Provides Free Advertising Co-Op

A new web site has been designed to work like an automated vending machine. It is well designed and fully automated. Each entrepreneur who uses the site gets free advertising to help them get sales.

by David M. Bresnahan (few years ago!)
New Web Copywriter Blog Discusses New Opportunity In The Evolving Web For Marketers

The web is morphing and opening up new opportunities for marketers. A new web copywriter blog discusses how marketers can use these current changes to boost sales, which also happens to benefit consumers.

by Hans Klein (few years ago!)
Roni Deutch Ends Harassment And Collections Against Taxpayers Owing The IRS Over $2.3 Million

The Tax Lady Roni Deutch was able to cease IRS collections on a group of taxpayers collectively owing over $2.3 million to the IRS through placement on Currently Not Collectible status. One client had been the victim of severe harassment from the IRS for nearly a decade causing serious heath problems, including a stroke.

by Roni Deutch (few years ago!)
USB Source Prepares To Launch North American B2B Business Hires Prominent Promotional Products Experts To Chart Significant Inroads To The Us Corporate Marketplace

Vertically integrated Chinese manufacturer USB Source is preparing to launch its latest B2B business in North American this coming May 1st. Based in Shenzen China, USB Source whose manufacturing facility builds flash drives, digital picture frames, MP3?s and MP4?s is leveraging its recent successful European promotional products experience into a full scale assault on the North American B2B.

by Peter Thomas (few years ago!)
Valuations, LLC Announces New Mergers And Acquisitions Website For Business Buyers

Valuations, LLC has created a new website to provide assistance to individuals and corporations considering the acquisition of small to mid-sized businesses. The new website is now live at

by David Annis (few years ago!)
United States Having Gone From The Richest Country In The World To The Biggest Debtor Nation In History Predictions From Titans Of The Investment And Real State Industry Come True

Not only is the consumer in debt, so is the U.S. government. Today, the world is spinning from the fall out of the sub-prime credit mess.

by Don Martinez (few years ago!)
Ventura Marketing, Inc. Releases A Media Buying Service For Clients With Direct Response Products

Ventura Marketing, Inc. is providing funds to clients who have direct response products, who have run a media buy test and who need additional funds to release their products nationwide.

by Brenda Wunsch (few years ago!)
Barterbing, Llc Announces Revenue Sharing For Barter Exchange Members

The use of trade and barter through a barter exchange has become a growing trend for businesses and individuals, and now BarterBing, LLC has announced the development of a revenue sharing plan for members.

by David M. Bresnahan (few years ago!)
Liberty Health Net The People's Company

Find out how the number one recruiter in Liberty health can help you retire in 6 months

by Sylvan Noel (few years ago!)
Work-at-home Independent Rep For Online Automated Business Appointed By Traffic Wave

TrafficWave has announced the appointment of Allen Schenholm as an independent marketing representative in this work-at-home online business. TrafficWave offers an Internet-based business opportunity that can be run from anywhere.

by David M. Bresnahan (few years ago!)
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