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Stock Markets Had Worst Half Year Since 1970

The half year report card for global stock markets was not one to be proud of. The first half of 2008 was the worst first half to a year for the Dow Jones Industrial Average since 1970, when the index was down 14.60%.

by Mike Wright (few years ago!)
The Pen Is Mightier Than The Mouth

SQM survey indicates Canadians believe that Journalists are the most influential members of society.

by Sasha (few years ago!)
New Home For Electrical, Datacom & Telecom Tools & Supplies

The Web-doors opened up and the wire nuts hit the fan. ??It was almost too much to handle, right out of the gates like that.?? says Jason Kaylor, Vice President of Sales for AC Tool Supply, Inc.

by Jason Kaylor (few years ago!)
TRADEX is Committed to Expanding Services: Foreign Corporate Accounts

Opening a brokerage account for a foreign corporation has become more difficult as brokerage firms continue to focus their core business in local accounts, and tend to pass on the opportunity to access overseas clients that have become increasingly interested in investing in US and global markets.

by Roman Castro (few years ago!)
NVIDIA Provides Second Quarter Fiscal 2009 Business Update

Company Lowers Financial Outlook for Second Quarter and Plans to Take One-Time Charge for Certain Notebook Field Failures

by Colin Saldanha (few years ago!)
DIY Solar Guide Launches Commercial Solar Lighting

Diy Solar Guide is a unit of Silicon Solar Inc which is a world leader in innovative solar technologies. Diy Solar Guide offers Commercial Solar Lighting which is comprehensive selection of products for all your commercial lighting needs.

by Adam Farrell (few years ago!)
Popularity Of Suddenly Soars By 4 Million has been around since 2003. Why is the website's traffic suddenly booming?

by Lee E Hill (few years ago!)
Call For Action Gives A Boost To Email Marketing

There has been a steady growth in the email marketing industry both at B2B and B2C level. A recent survey confirms the same, emphasising on the importance of 'call for action' in the email marketing campaigns.

by Garry Edgell (few years ago!)
LJL Funding and Titan Lenders Corp enters into agreement to fulfill Back Office Operations

LJL Funding and Titan Lenders Corp reaches agreement to fulfill back office operations. Benefits of investing in a High Yield Income Fund (trust deed investments) include diversification, performance (past performance does not guarantee future results), being fully invested and compound interest.

by Jeff Grant (few years ago!)
Experience the Pleasant Route to Loans

People can also log into the website for gaining information and also the loan quotes.

by CCJs Loans (few years ago!)
Visionary View Extends Services In Search Marketing And Optimization By Acquiring Elaborate Sem, A Leading Online Marketing Agency

The Combination And Expertise Of Search Engine Marketing And Optimization Gives Businesses A Comprehensive Resource For Targeted Campaigns.

by RajeshKumar (few years ago!) auctions off a travel domain and two law firm websites, one in St Louis and one in Oklahoma with at the GEO Travel Website Auction in Chicago Ill July 10-12

For Immediate Release -Breaking News Website Auction In Chicago with and July 10th 2008

by Michael Rotkin (few years ago!)
PostcardMania Named as Finalist in 2008 American Business Awards

6th annual Stevie? Awards were presented on June 12 in New York City

by KarlaJo Helms (few years ago!)
PostcardMania CEO celebrated by Tampa Bay Business Journal as one of Tampa Bay?s Ultimate CEOs

Joy Gendusa, PostcardMania CEO, was honored as one of Tampa Bay?s Ultimate CEOs by the Tampa Bay Business Journal?detailing her expansive fast-track growth without completing a high school education nor accepting any investment capital.

by KarlaJo Helms (few years ago!)
Diy Solar Guide Launches Solar Power Charge Controllers

Diy Solar Guide is a unit of Silicon Solar Inc which is a world leader in innovative solar technologies. Diy Solar Guide offers Solar Power Charge controllers. These charge controllers come as low as 1 amp and as high as 60 amps.

by Adam Farrell (few years ago!)
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