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US rower honors 6 million Jews at Brooklyn Borough Hall

US rower honors 6 million Jews at Brooklyn Borough Hall In simplicity, Borough President, I hope this tube will give visitors another chance to reflect on this horror and never allow any form of genocide to repeat itself" - Victor Mooney

by Lisa Samuels (few years ago!)
Jewishnews.Com Comes Up With Comprehensive Jewish News And Event Stories On The Web is a famous online news page. This web based platform is followed by so many people, all over the world.

by (few years ago!)
Eleven-Year-Olds Perform Math at Lightning Speed

"Math Challenge" Program at Rockwern Academy.

by Susan Moore (few years ago!)
Rabbi Marc Schneier And Russell Simmons Voices On Antisemitism

In their work and in their friendship, Marc Schneier and Russell Simmons embody the principles of The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, which promotes face-to-face dialog as a means of combating discrimination.

by Greg Miller (few years ago!)
Marc Schneier Speeaker At National Urban League Conference

Rabbi Marc Schneier is the 18th generation of a distinguished rabbinic dynasty.

by Greg Miller (few years ago!)
Horowitz Releases Second CD Of Modern Jewish Music

Sue Horowitz has released her latest CD entitled "In The Water."

by Sue Horowitz (few years ago!)
Shaarey Torah of Manhattan Beach dedicates new Sefer Torah

The congregation is writing a new Sefer Torah and you can take part in the great mitzvah of K'sivas Sefer Torah.

by Shaarey Torah (few years ago!)
Stories of Turkish Jews: A-517-Year Journey

TURKOFAMERICA Magazine has released its new issue focusing on Turkish Jews in America. The stories of Turkish Jews, who first immigrated to the U.S. during the time of the Ottoman Empire, were brought together in a special issue by TURKOFAMERICA.

by Cemil Ozyurt (few years ago!)
Bbyo Teens Volunteer Nationwide For J-serve 2009

Thousands of BBYO teens made up the approximately 10,000 teens that spent April 26, 2009 as a united movement committed to making a difference in more than 70 communities across the country as a part of J-Serve 2009: a national day of Jewish youth service.

by Avery Budman (few years ago!)
New Audio Walking Tour Highlights Jews of San Francisco?s Historic Fillmore District

Guide by Cell?s Technology Brings to Life History of a Vibrant Jewish Culture.

by Lori Shepherd (few years ago!)
40th Anniversary of The Jewish-American Hall of Fame Honored by Alameda County

Gail Steele, Supervisor, Second District, Alameda County, California presented an official Commendation celebrating the 40th anniversary of the non-profit Jewish-American Hall of Fame, that was founded at the Magnes Museum in Berkeley, to Founding Director Mel Wacks on June 15th.

by Mel Wacks (few years ago!)
Granite Shield has received Kosher certification‏

Granite with Granite Shield is the first branded granite on the planet to receive the Kosher certification.

by Debbie Burton Phillips (few years ago!)
Historic Medal Dies Contributed To Hebraic Section Of The Library Of Congress

Mel Wacks, who headed the committe to select the official medal commemorating 350 Years of Jewish Life in America, has donated the original dies to Peggy Pearlstein, Ph.D., Head of the Hebraic Section of the Library of Congress.

by Mel Wacks (few years ago!)
Varda Books Opens Judaic Digital Library To Public

Varda Books has opened its Judaic Digital Library for the public to use at no charge. For the first time in its history, Varda Books will allow everyone to have access to one of the msot treasured literary compilations available.

by Alexander Gendler (few years ago!)
Jewish Zodiac Combines Kitsch and Knish With Tasty New Apparel

While sitting at a Chinese restaurant, Seth Front, son of a Rabbi, thought to himself, ?Jews love Chinese food. Why isn?t there a Jewish Zodiac?? But what would a Jewish Zodiac be? It wouldn?t be ?Year Of The Dragon? or ?Year Of The Ox,? it would be ?Year Of The Bagel? and ?Year Of The Lox.? It would be...deli food! And thus The Jewish Zodiac was born.

by Lisa Singelyn (few years ago!)
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