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Possibility Space Brings Independent Game Developing To The Next Level With Its Free To Play/Free To Download RPG, Warrior Epic

The co. was founded by Feng Zhu and Gage Gallinger, both veterans of the entertainment industry. Their team of developers have innovated new distribution technologies and gameplay mechanics that will revolutionize the role independent developers have in the mainstream gaming industry.

by Brice Lucas (few years ago!)
Online Gaming Channel Launched On The SpivO Network

SpivO announced the launch of their newest channel today, SpivO Games.

by Jason Bland (few years ago!)
New E-Commerce Venue,, Allows Members To Sell Products Inspired By Halo, Guitar Hero, Super Mario, And More

New E-Commerce Venue,, Allows Members To Sell Products Inspired By Halo, Guitar Hero, Super Mario, And More Online Marketplace targets GameStop and Ebay consumers

by Dan DelGaudio (few years ago!)
Dream & Win Launches With Formula 1, MiG Draws

Online raffle Dream & Win gives adrenaline junkies the chance to win their ultimate fantasies: driving the Formula 1 track or flying a MiG-29 jet aircraft.

by Rachel Neiman (few years ago!)
Exciting Christmas And Seasonal Promotions At BingoHouse

BingoHouse has some very exciting December promotions for online bingo players.

by j davis (few years ago!)
EPT Tournament In Prague: Qualify On TrueMoneyGames To Grab Your Share Of 2 Million Euros!

TrueMoneyGames offers the great opportunity to play in the 2 Million Euro European Poker Tour (EPT) Event in Prague ? for free! The qualification final for the Prague Main Event will take place on, December 3rd at 20:00. TrueMoneyGames will run freerolls where you can qualify without risking a single cent!

by Diane Dalli (few years ago!)
Bull Markets Climb A Wall Of Fear

After the party comes the hangover, and of course the bigger the party, the bigger the hangover. Over the last few years, financial companies have been gorging themselves on 'foolproof' credit trades, based on sub prime debt. Now the party is over and companies are having to face up to their antics in the cold light of day, says's Michael Wright.

by Mike Wright (few years ago!) Announces Launch Of Gamer-Powered Social News Site is a social news site for everything related to gaming. Powered by gamers, for gamers, anyone can join for free to share, promote and gain knowledge of the latest gaming news. From online gaming to the hottest new video games on X-Box 360, PS3 and more, is the latest innovation in the social gaming community.

by Rob Spencer (few years ago!)
Finally Revealed, A Cure For The Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death

Gamerbots D.I.Y. Guide offers frustrated Xbox 360 owners a guaranteed solution, to ridding their consoles of the dreaded ?Red Ring? a.k.a. the ?3 Red Light error.? The easy-to-follow PDF guide will have you up and playing in less than one hour, as well as save more than $100 required for the associated, shipping and repair costs.

by Ricardo Minaar (few years ago!)
Conduit Network Explodes Across The Gaming World With More Than 3,000 Gaming Community Toolbars

Conduit, the leading platform for building online communities via community toolbars, today announced that the Conduit Network has reached an extraordinary milestone in online gaming. More than 3,000 game sites that serve millions in the online gaming industry have created Conduit community toolbars to engage and connect users all over the world.

by Lisa Dilg (few years ago!)
Author Of The Fantasy Fiction Novel "Fidelis" Says Bad Guys Needed For Text Based Role Playing Game Based On The Book

AR Horvath, author of the fantasy fiction, action adventure series ?Birth Pangs? announced today that bad guys were wanted for the role playing game based on the series.

by AR Horvath (few years ago!)
Generation: Gamerz Proudly Presents "Spencer Halpin's Moral Kombat" At The It Came From Lake Michigan Film Festival

?Spencer Halpin's Moral Kombat? documentary on violence in videogames to screen at Wisconsin film festival.

by Thomas Balistreri (few years ago!)
Lotto System Causes Fifty Fold Increase In Winnings

Australian Woman Wins Third Division Three Times In Two Years Plus Countless Minor Prizes Using System Developed In New Zealand.

by Julia (few years ago!) Races In Australian V8 Supercars races in the Australian V8 Supercar Championship.

by Morgan Davies (few years ago!)
Stamp Out Piracy ? Cracking Down On Game Piracy Across The Internet

A new initiative called Stamp Out Piracy, has been setup to help crack down and reduce the amount of game piracy that takes place over the Internet.

by David South (few years ago!)
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